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Flair Product Badges & Banners

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Product merchandising. Product labels + badges. Sale banners.

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Facebook, Google Shopping Feed

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Sync & optimized product feeds for Google Feed & Facebook Feed

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dexter : Price A/B Testing

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Run price AB tests with a click, find hidden revenue & profits

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Flits: Customer Account Page

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Corona response:30 days free trial on all plans & paid add-ons

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Sticky Cart by Uplinkly

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Boost Sales & Conversions With A Sticky Add To Cart Button

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Discount Code, Discount Pop Up

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Discount Code Popup, Promo Code Widget & Coupon Code Pop Ups

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Sticky Add To Cart + Buy Now

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Fast Checkout+ Add to cart/Buy now button + Animated Mini Cart

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The Cross‑Store Sales Channel

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33k+ Brands, 1M+ Products, 7M+ Instagram Influencers.

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Editorify ‑ Product Reviews

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Import Reviews Videos from different suppliers and wholesalers

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Discount On Cart‑ Pro Edition!

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Discount Code On Cart, Coupon Code On Cart, Shipping On Cart

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POP! Sales Pop & Social Proof

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Sales Pop Up & Recent Sales Popup for Social Proof

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Keep Cart


Increase sales: Remember customers' carts across their devices

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XOOT | 25+ Vital Apps | Upsell

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Reconverting Post Upsell-Sweet Upsell Bundles-Description Tabs

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CrazyRocket Spin Wheel Pop Ups

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Grow Sales with Spin Wheel, Spin to Win & Email Pop Ups

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Fast Checkout Sales Bundle


One Click Checkout, Sticky Add To Cart, Quick Buy, Cart Slider

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Rebuy Personalization Engine

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Personalized Recommendations, Upsell, Cross Sell, Buy it Again

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Back in Stock & Abandoned Cart

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Re-Stock,Back in Stock & Out Stock,Abandoned Cart Push & Email

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Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

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Un calcolatore per le spese di spedizione con geoocalizzazione

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Product Reviews & photos ‑ EA

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Photo Reviews . Site Reviews . Send Review Emails.

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Sale & Discount Manager

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the perfect sale app for product discounts & scheduled sales

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Free Gifts BOGO buy x get y

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Free gifts, buy x get y, bogo, gift with purchase, buy 2 get 1

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Sales and Conversion Boost with 40+ Apps in One

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Because ‑ Product Page Banners

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Show Promos, Inventory, & More Above Each Add to Cart Button

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Original Wheelio spin pop‑ups

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Create a totally custom gamified pop-up for Email & SMS & FB

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