Customer service

Take care of the people that matter most to your business: your customers.

Customer service
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Beans: Rewards, Referral, Tier

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Unify your marketing: Loyalty Program, Referral Program, Email

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Zestard Gift Wrap

7-day free trial

Let your customer choose an option to wrap the gift.

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Loyalty Points Manager

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Launch Loyalty and Referral Program for Your Store Easily

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Storefront Customer Accounts w/ Backend Promotion Sales Tools

4.6 of 5 stars(9reviews)

Login to See Price ‑ B2B

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Hide Prices and add to cart button until the customer logs in

5.0 of 5 stars(20reviews)

CreditsYard — Store Credit

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Store credit e-Wallet for rewards, returns & exchanges

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Single Sign On ‑ SSO Login

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Single Sign-On via SAML, OAuth,OpenID,LDAP for Plus, Non-Plus

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Increase sales with hands-off reoccurring raffle of customers.

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Login My Phone Number

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Allow customers to login your store fast via OTP login.

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Wishlist Advance App

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Customer can save products in Wishlist & Share it

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Wishlist + Save for Later

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Create wishlists or save items for later on the cart page.

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B2B Private Store

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Lock your shop and do not show content for not approved users

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Stellar Wishlist

14-day free trial

Let users favorite items & make wishlists to drive sales

5.0 of 5 stars(2reviews)

Tuecus ‑ Customer Account Page

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Engage Customers With Attractive Customer Dashboard & Rewards

3.6 of 5 stars(6reviews)

Easy Wishlist

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Customer can add favorite items to wishlist

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AAA Loyalty Rewards Program

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Increase Customer Engagement With Points Based Reward Program

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Sender ‑ Auto Account Invite

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Send account invites to your customers automatically!

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Customer Gender

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Detect the gender of your customers

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Wishlist With Multifeatures

7-day free trial

Customize Wishlist For Guest and Customer

3.9 of 5 stars(6reviews)

WishList + Reminder

14-day free trial

Sell to people who add items to Wishlist but don't buy

4.6 of 5 stars(76reviews)

Login Customizer

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Easiest way to customize customer account login form

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Login with KakaoTalk

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Let shoppers use KakaoTalk to login for your store

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Multi User Customer Account

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Turn a standard Customer Account into one with Multiple users

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