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Conversific Store Analytics

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Easy-to-use analytics for smart store owners

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Helpdesk for Customer Service

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Manage Instagram DMs, FB Messenger, Email & WhatsApp

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Google Analytics Toolkit

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Free audit, 1-click configuration, integrated dashboards

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Easy TikTok Pixel Installer


Start tracking user actions on your website with TikTok Pixel.

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Guide Shipping Protection


Lost/Damaged/Stolen packages become added Revenue with Guide

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Proofer Proof Management

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Gracefully manage your custom order proofs

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Real ID ‑ Verify Customer IDs

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Eliminate fraud & verify customer age with real ID checks

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Advanced Wholesale Pro

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Wholesale Prices, Quantity Breaks ,Lock Manager in a Flash

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View your customers' journey as they interact with your store.

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Omnichannel Customer Service Platform

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POWR Survey & Feedback Forms

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Survey forms + poll form to collect votes + customer feedback

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RetentionX: Analytics Pro

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100+ analyses, essential for the success of your business

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Heyday ‑ Sales & Support Chat

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AI chatbot & live chat for order tracking, shopping and more.

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Kindly ‑ Payment Reminder

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Remind customers to pay their pending order.

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WOTIO Account Invites Plus

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Bulk & Automatic Account Invites, Discount Codes, Email Metric

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Customer.guru Net Promoter NPS

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Survey Net Promoter Score, get testimonials & product reviews

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Bonify Customer Account Fields

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Advanced Customer Profiles

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Quizify ‑ Quiz Builder

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Interactive Quiz | Product Recommendation | Sales Consultant

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One Click TikTok Pixel


Measure ad campaigns & track user actions with TikTok Pixel

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Verdn — products with impact

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Add eco pledges to your products that customers can track

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Request a quote with Quotify

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Sell your products with a powerful, easy-to-use quoting tool.

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Email My Webhooks

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Get email notifications for important events on your store!

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WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart


100% FREE WhatsApp Chat, Share, Abandoned Cart Recovery & More

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Crazy Egg

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Increase sales by knowing where & why your shoppers get stuck.

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