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Servizio clienti
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WhatsApp Business API & more


Multi-agent chat using a single business phone number & more

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Accessibility Widget that Helps with ADA & WCAG Compliance

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Advanced Wishlist

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Wish Lists and Want List Builder for Personal Favorite Items

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Facebook Chat 2.0


Turn your visitors into your customers with Facebook Messenger

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Login to See Price ‑ B2B

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Hide Prices and add to cart button until the customer logs in

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Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals

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Reward customers, build loyalty and grow referral sales.

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Email, Loyalty Program, Review

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Email Marketing, Loyalty referral points, Web Push, Affiliates

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HIKO Social Login

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Free 17 social logins, auto install, easy setup, CSS edit

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Sticky Contact Us Contact Form

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Floating Contact Us Form & Any button like WhatsApp, Messenger

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Google Analytics Toolkit

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Free audit, 1-click configuration, integrated dashboards

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[FREE] Quick Social Login


Social Login: FREE ALL social networks to login to your store

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Winback ‑ SMS/TEXT Marketing

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SMS Abandoned Carts, Winback & Automated Campaigns • $1/m

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Form Builder ‑ Order Form

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Order Form, Wholesale Form, Payment Form, Mailchimp Form

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Event Ticketing

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Design, sell, and scan event tickets

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JivoChat Live Chat

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Visitor monitoring, Live Chat, Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, SMS

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Survey, Feedback & Polls

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Post purchase feedback poll to understand customer behavior

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Growth Suite Discount Code App

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Discount Codes with Elegant Timer

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WhatsApp Chat Customer Support

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WhatsApp Live Chat Support | Help Center | Customer Support

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Returnly: Returns Manager

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A return experience like no other.

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Polar Analytics

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Multichannel analytics software, no engineering required.

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Improved Contact Form

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"Contact Us" Page Generator and Popup Contact Widget

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Rich Returns

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Automate your returns. Offer Exchanges to OTHER products.

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Conversific Store Analytics

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Easy-to-use analytics for smart store owners

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Facebook Chat Box ‑ Marketing

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Live Chat, Free Chat Via Facebook Messenger, Auto Marketing

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