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Return Assurance

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Drive more sales with return-as-an-option on final sale items

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Toll Free Phone Number & Calls

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Better serve your customers with a toll-free phone number

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[FREE] Quick Social Login


Social Login: FREE ALL social networks to login to your store

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Bulk Account Invite Sender

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Easily bulk-invite your customers to activate their accounts

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Social Call and Chat support


WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Phone, Email & Chat

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BON Loyalty Rewards & Referral


Loyalty program with Rewards, Points & Referrals

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Custom Contact Form Builder

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Customer Form + Conditional Form + File Upload + Captcha

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Survey, Feedback & Polls

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Post purchase feedback poll to understand customer behavior

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Rich Returns

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Automate your returns. Offer Exchanges to OTHER products.

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Kno Surveys & Attribution

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Powerful surveys in minutes. Deploy post-purchase or by email.

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Returnly: Returns Manager

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A return experience like no other.

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Order Cancellable

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Let customers cancel order, edit order or reorder easily

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Email, SMS & Loyalty Rewards

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Sell More with Marketing Automation, Email, SMS & Loyalty

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My Product Registration

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Give customers peace of mind

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Instant FAQ Page & Help Center

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Instantly build an unlimited FAQ page & reduce support tickets

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Glow: Loyalty Points & Rewards

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Smart & Seamless: Loyalty Points, Rewards & Referrals

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Japan Order CSV

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Output order data in formats for Japanese logistic systems

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CartHook Post Purchase Offers

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Boost your AOV with real one-click post-purchase upsells.

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Instantly access the best shipping rates in Mexico.

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View your customers' journey as they interact with your store.

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WhatsApp Notification

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Automated Whatsapp notification with your own whatsapp number.

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Shippit | Shipping Automation

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Shippit helps simplify your ship so you can scale faster.

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Verdn — pledge with products

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Embed eco pledges with your products that customers can track

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Omnichannel Customer Service Platform

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