Customer support

Support and track your customers to increase their satisfaction and build loyalty.

Customer support
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IWD Product / Feature Request


Develop and enhance products based on customer driven data.

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התממשקות בקליק עם זאפ - אתר השוואת המחירים הגדול בישראל

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Embedded Chat

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Social Chat Integration For Your Website!

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Better Tracking

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Allow customers to track their orders from inside your store

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Use customer feedback to increase conversion & boost retention

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Bargainator AI sales assistant

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Capture Email | Discount | Retarget - Intelligent Chatbot

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Allow all customers to lookup order status by order # & email

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Order Statuses By Ultimatify


Manage orders by tags and statuses

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A beautiful contact widget for your site.

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Build a beautiful FAQ quickly and easily!

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Advance FAQ

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Advance FAQ Customized User Experience- 1 Click Configuration

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Rendezvous Recommendations

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Increase sales with personal AI-powered social recommendations

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Your Customer Service is 100% automatic

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Better Price

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Offer best price with Found a Better Price form. Hide price.

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Increase revenue by following up with customers just in time.

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NetSuite Integration

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Sync Orders/Customers to NetSuite And Inventory from NetSuite

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Form Builder by Arctic Grey

14-day free trial

Build your own custom forms for your website

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Product Questions & Answers

$29.99 one-time charge

Show questions answers on product page

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IQTECO ‑ WhatsApp Live Chat

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Live chat & Messenger & WhatsApp & Pop up & Help center & FAQ

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Facebook Live Chat


Facebook Messenger Live Chat (Real-time)

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Widgets ‑ HELP

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Automatically answer customers' frequently asked questions

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MorrCalls: Callback Requests

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Can't answer? Never miss a call from a potential customer.

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Evey Events & Tickets

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Sell tickets to your event! Customize everything!

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Conversational voice search

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