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600社以上が利用!売上20%以上増加例が続々と。 LINEショッピング、Google広告、国内大手ASPへ成果報酬で出稿!

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Facebook ads | 6x ROAS & sales

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Retargeting ads on Facebook & Instagram. Retarget & sell more!

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Affiliate & Ambassador Portal

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Grow your sales with ambassadors, affiliates and influencers.

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Social Media Icons


FREE WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & 50+ icons with tooltip

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20+ Promotional Sales Tools

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Popups, Banners, Coupons, Contact Us Form, Timers, Headers etc

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Social Testimonial Slider

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Display Facebook, Google, Yelp, & Manually Input reviews!

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FeedAPIs For Bing Shopping /MS

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Bing Shopping Feed for Microsoft Advertising

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InstaPlus Shoppable Instagram

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Instagram Feed + Shoppable Instagram + Product Page Gallery

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Elevar Tag Management Suite

A partire da $50/mese

Complete Data Layer & 1-Click Tag Install for 30+ Channels

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LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing

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Everything to launch and grow your affiliate program.

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Instagram Feed

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Instagram Feed with Photos, Videos, and Slideshows

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Afterpay Attract


Offer Afterpay on your store!

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TxtCart Plus+ SMS Marketing

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Human Powered Text Marketing, SMS Cart Recovery and Analytics

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InstaFeed Shoppable Instagram

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Instagram Feed, Shoppable Gallery, Product Gallery, LookBook

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Facebook Pixels Conversion API

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Facebook Multiple Pixels, Conversion API

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Affirm pay‑over‑time messaging


Convert more shoppers with Affirm monthly payments

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Conjured Referrals

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Boost sales with a beautiful, customizable referral program

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ShareThis Share Buttons


Grow your site traffic by enabling one-click sharing

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Free Traffic Ads & Advertising

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Grow sales with traffic from other stores & niche website ads

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Lookalike Audience Builder

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Targeted Customer Emails for More Effective Advertising

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MultiPixel ‑ Facebook Pixels

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Unlimited multiple Facebook pixels, Feeds, Audience Builders

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Buzzbassador: Affiliate CRM

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Grow w/ affiliate marketing, influencer & ambassador programs

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Email, Loyalty Program, Review


Email Marketing, Loyalty Points, Reviews, Web Push, Affiliates

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Simple Affiliate

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Seamless influencer marketing

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