Cattura l'attenzione e la lealtà dei clienti attraverso social media, concorsi, programmi di fidelizzazione e altro ancora.

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WhatsApp Photo Reviews Chatbot


Collect Product review w/ WhatsApp for Loox,, Stamped

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Smart Account Activate

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User Password Activation Post Purchase

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Get your message across with a scrolling Marquee

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Senderium ‑ SMS Marketing

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Text marketing | SMS & MMS automations | Branded SMS

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SMS Marketing Automation ‑

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SMS Text Marketing- Free Platform, Abandoned Cart, Promotion,

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Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards


Data Science-driven Loyalty Rewards Program

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Store Credit + Incentives

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PreProduct next‑gen pre‑order

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The smarter way to launch products.

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Cash Back Rewards & Loyalty

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Unique way to engage and encourage customers for more purchase

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CreditsYard ‑ Store Credit

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Add cash to your customers wallet for returns or exchanges

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TXTFi | Purchase Using SMS

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Allow customers to purchase through automated SMS

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Post Purchase Surveys

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Survey your customers on the order confirmation page

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Increase sales with hands-off reoccurring raffle of customers.

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Core Hype: Pre‑Launch Chatbot

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Build hype, collect emails and phone# before you launch

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GoodCarts—Free Traffic & Sales


Grow sales, traffic, loyalty & social impact for free.

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Petlytics: Pet Store Marketing


Collect pet names, birthdays, & photos on your Thank You page

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Bold Loyalty Points & Rewards

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Flexible loyalty program. Earn points, get unique rewards

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Drive customer actions with a quiz.

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Sell more with email, SMS, rewards programs, recommendations

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Scratch and WIN!

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Boost sales. Build lists. Get referrals and Leads

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Auto Discount: Welcome Voucher

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Discount for customers who register, subscribe or create order

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Matcha Blog Creator

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Templates, analytics, conversion tools, and content for blogs.

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Viral Loops

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Referral marketing for everyone

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Back In Stock Alerts Email+SMS

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Out of Stock + Preorders + Klaviyo & Mailchimp + Email/SMS

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