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Gleam Competitions

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Engage your customers and grow sales with beautiful contests

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Marketing Cloud Integration

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Sync customers, products and orders with Marketing Cloud.

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Kno Attribution

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Survey-powered attribution for brands looking to scale.

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AVASync: Mailchimp Integration


Sync data to Mailchimp, Boost email marketing campaign

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123 Form Builder

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Build & customize any type of forms, in minutes

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Pathfinder: Email Done For You

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Email marketing done FOR YOU - grow sales in just a few clicks

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Send messages to anyone, anywhere, anytime

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Email, SMS & Loyalty Rewards

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Marketing Automation, Email, SMS, Loyalty and Referrals

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CleverReach ‑ Email marketing

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Quickly & easily send newsletters, abandoned cart mails & more

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Maak een quiz om e-mails op te nemen

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OnVoard Back In Stock

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Recover out-of-stock revenue when products are back in stock.

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Printrooster Order Printing

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Print custom invoices & receipts, add rules and sort orders!

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PostPilot Postcard Marketing

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Automatically send personalized, profitable postcard campaigns

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The ultimate all in one CRM system

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Faraday Personas & Insights


AI-driven personas that reveal powerful insights

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Newsletters by

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Easy email marketing. Epic email templates. Excellent support.

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Zoho Survey


Send unlimited customer feedback surveys, find happy customers

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BuzzSubs: Spin Wheel Popup

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Spin Wheel Pop-up. Spin to Win. Spin-a-sale. Spin the Wheel.

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Pop‑Up Window

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Gather email subscribers or notify visitors about promotions.

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Scratch and WIN!

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Boost sales. Build lists. Get referrals and Leads

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EVM Spin Wheel ‑ Spin‑a‑Sale

Vanaf $13.99/maand

Gamified Discount Wheel app to Increase Sales - Spin to Win

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R2L: Right to Left Converter

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Convert your themes with a push of a button.

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Simple, Intuitive & Powerful, Web to Print app.

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Post Purchase Surveys

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Survey your customers on the order confirmation page

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