Capture the attention and loyalty of customers through social media, contests, loyalty programs, and more.

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Multi‑Store Hreflang Tags

14-day free trial

Perfect hreflang tags for SEO even with messy URLs.

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Ultra SEO

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Dramatically increase traffic! Simple, powerful and smart!

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SEO Master King

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Track target keywords ranking and boost your Google positions

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Smart Writer AI Copywriting

14-day free trial

AI Copywriting To Skyrocket Sales

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Answerbase Knowledge Base

30-day free trial

Product and collections questions & answers, articles, etc.

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SEOMetriks Marketing Tools


All-in-one SEO monitoring, analysis, optimisation, automation.

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SEO Content Blocks

9-day free trial

Flexible and multifunctional SEO content block manager

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To The Moon+ Alt Text

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Get maximum SEO value for your product images alt text tags

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Magical Sitemap

30-day free trial

Poof. Instantly build an HTML sitemap to improve SEO.

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CS Bulk Image ALT

$10 one-time charge

Bulk edit product images ALT and Bulk delete product images

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Site Booster


Get found on maps & search engines

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Better Open Graph Tags

5-day free trial

Easily add open graph tags to your shop.

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The #1 all-in-one SEO tool for E-commerce.

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$30 one-time charge

One-click JSON-LD

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SEO using Google Rich Snippets

$19 one-time charge

Boost Google Rankings - Automatically add Snippets

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SEO Auto‑Tagger

30-day free trial

Use machine learning to optimize your products for SEO in bulk

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JSON‑LD Express for SEO

$35 one-time charge

1-click automatic JSON-LD for Google's rich results

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Instant SEO

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Welcome to Your New SEO Team! Optimize Pages in 1-Click

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Speed Optimization Analyzer


Make your store load faster and lose no more customers.

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Product Hider

7-day free trial

NoFollow & NoIndex Meta Tag SEO Manager to hide your products

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Google Analytics Dashboard

15-day free trial

Track your site and sales with Google Analytics.

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Post to Medium

7-day free trial

Easily post blog articles to Medium

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Ez Video Blog

3-day free trial

Quality content in your store, automagically.

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