Fang kundernes opmærksomhed og skab loyalitet via sociale medier, konkurrencer, loyalitetsprogrammer og meget mere.

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Email Marketing by CM Commerce

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Email Marketing Automation, Abandoned Cart, Reviews & Popups

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Social Snowball: Affiliate App

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Boost revenue with automated affiliate marketing

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TiXel ‑ TikTok Pixel Installer

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Install the TikTok pixel code on your store in a single click!

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GovX ID Exclusive Discounts


Launch military and first responder discounts on your store

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XO Gallery

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Fastest way to get Gallery, Portfolio and Lookbook pages

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Spently Email Marketing

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Boost sales via Order, Shipping, Cart Recovery Email Templates

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Facebook ads | 6x ROAS & sales

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Retargeting ads on Facebook & Instagram. Retarget & sell more!

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Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

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Manage NoIndex, NoFollow tags and XML Sitemap for improved SEO

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Bundle Builder

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Sell more with custom product bundles and gift boxes

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Dynamic Retargeting Ads

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Run ads on Google with 1,000 ad impressions included for free

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Octane AI Quiz, Messenger, SMS

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Fuel Growth & Personalization with Quizzes, Messenger & SMS

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WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing


Chat live, build relationships & boost sales

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Justuno Pop Ups & Conversion

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GDPR & cookie consent, upsell & banner offers, recommendations

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Lookalike Audience Builder

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Targeted Customer Emails for More Effective Advertising

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Unite Free Ads & Free Traffic


100k+ Installs. Never Pay for Impressions Again

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Dovetale: Influencer Marketing

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Grow a community of influencers. Send gifts & affiliate offers

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Otis Web Push Notifications


Abandoned Cart Recovery, Personalized Post Purchase Upsell etc

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Email Marketing Follow Up

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Automatic email marketing, reviews, cart recovery. Fair prices

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Original Wheelio spin pop‑ups

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Create a totally custom gamified pop-up for Email & SMS & FB

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Product Reviews & Ratings


Boost Sales with Product Reviews & Ratings, Social Proof & UGC

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Reveal: Increase your CLV

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Increase Lifetime Value with Customer Analytics & Segmentation

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GH: Affiliate Marketing App

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Start partner program with a top-rated affiliate marketing app

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Thank You Email Marketing Tool

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Auto Thankyou email, Email marketing, Cart Recovery,Newsletter

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AiTrillion Marketing Automated

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11+Apps- Email Marketing + Loyalty Program + Review + Web Push

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