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AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell

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Boost Sales 5-8% ⟳ Post Checkout Upsell, Cross Sell, & Pop Ups

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Tipo Appointment Booking

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Appointment Booking - Booking System - Booking Calendar

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The seamless Shopify booking calendar

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Sesami: Appointment Booking

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Booking app & calendar for selling services online & in-store

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Appointment Booking ‑ Appointo

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Sell services, appointments & calendar bookings online

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Candy Rack — One Click Upsell

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The best one click upsell & cross sell app • FREE for 14 days

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Digital Downloads


Sell digital products in your store

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Route ‑ Protection & Tracking


Fuel Growth with Order Protection, Package Tracking & More

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EcoCart: Carbon Neutral Orders

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Empower your customers to make their orders carbon neutral

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Easy Digital Products

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Sell digital downloads, products and keys in a few clicks.

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Shop for Good Donation App

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Increase sales & raise money for charity in minutes

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Digital Downloads by Uplinkly

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Easily Sell Digital Products In Seconds-Streaming-PDF Stamping

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Turn your store into online courses platform

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DrDownload Digital Downloads

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Sell Digital Products, Ebooks, Music or Any Files & Downloads

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Change Commerce ‑ Donation App

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Increase Loyalty & AOV, Donate % of Sales & Customer Round Up

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Carbon‑Neutral Shipping


Add sustainable shipping options for your cart.

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Easy Appointment Booking

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Create services, take bookings, send reminders

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Sky Pilot ‑ Digital Downloads

A partire da $15/mese

Sell digital files and streaming videos

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Simply Insurance

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Add Custom Shipping Insurance and Earn Extra $$

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Plant Trees with Ecologi

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Give back to the planet by planting a tree for every sale

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Easy Donation

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Let’s contribute and Encourage your customers to donate.

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IzyRent: Rentals & Bookings

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Rentals, bookings & reservations made easy!

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Single Music

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Digital sales, monetized video, chart reports & fan insights

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Sell digital files and downloads

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