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Increase sales with hands-off reoccurring raffle of customers.

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Price Change Based On Quantity

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Change price based on selected quantity in product detail page

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Measurement Price Calculator

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Takes Measurement from Customers to Calculate Product Price

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Theme Add‑Ons

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New theme features - Smart Top Bar, Installment and more

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Prispot ‑ Competitor Analytics

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Price Tracking & Competitor Monitoring Platform

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Dynamic Pricing

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Change prices automatically according to product sales volume

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Fundlify Crowdfund & Pre‑order

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Crowdfunding・Pre-orders・Group buying・Flash sales

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Live Gold Price Editor

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Easily Update Product Prices based on Precious Metals Prices.

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Wholesale Quickie

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Quick orders for wholesale customers with custom pricing

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Products A/B Test

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Choose the Best Name, Price and Description for Your Product

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B2B Solution

Free plan available

Enable custom pricing, quick ordering, & full ERP integration

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Ultimate Announcement Bar


Free Shipping Bar, Timer Countdown Bar, Discount Bar, Top Bar

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Highly-Specialized Price Monitoring and Dynamic Pricing Tool

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Quotilio ‑ Quote Manager

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Request Quote button, Add to Quote, Customizable Quote Form

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Volume & Tiered Discounts Kit

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Incentivize your shoppers with quantity discounts.

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Easy sales quotes for B2B customers

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Boardfy ‑ Dynamic Pricing

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Google Shopping Price Tracking & Dynamic Pricing

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Precious Metals Price Updater


Easily integrate precious metals pricing into your products.

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Better Price: Beat Any Price

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Get offers from customers. Best price guarantee.

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Precious Metal Product Prices

Free to install

Precious Metals Gold Silver Platinum Palladium Live Prices

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Omni Bizify

From $9.99/month

All-in-one business features, build up a B2B website agilely

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Quantity Breaks & Discounts

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Advanced Quantity Breaks, Tiered Pricing and Volume Discounts.

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Buddyapps Wholesale orders

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Allow your customers to make orders without upfront payment

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Price it ‑ Make an offer

Free to install

Increase your sales with custom offers

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