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Bundle Products and Discounts

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Product Bundles, Build a Box, FBT, Volume Discount

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Upload Fields by UploadKit

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Let customers upload files when adding products to their cart

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Giftship: Smart Gift Options

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Gift Messages, Upsells, Datepicker, Multi-Address Checkouts...

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Size Matters


Hassle-free Size Charts

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Product Options and Customizer

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Unlimited product variants, product options, and up-charging

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Product Options Variant Option

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Custom Infinite Options, Bulk Variants Options, Color Swatch

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Hover Image Slider, Quick View

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Change Image on Hover, Product Preview Carousel for Collection

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Pre‑Order Manager 2.0 PreOrder

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Pre-orders, Back in Stock Alerts, Coming Soon, Sold Out

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B2B/Wholesale Solution by BSS

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B2B Custom Pricing, Quantity Breaks, Auto Tags, Registration

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Order Limits ‑ MinMaxify

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Minimum and maximum limits on your cart, products and groups

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One Click Checkout

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Fast Checkout: Buy Now & Skip to Checkout. Add to Cart Button

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Quantity Breaks & Discounts

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Sconti per quantità, volume, ingrosso e prezzi per classe

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Product Options Variant Option

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infinite options, color swatch, upload,custom product variant

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Pretty Product Pages

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Highlight features with icons on product pages

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Give your customers the ability to send files with their order

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Turn your store into online courses platform

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Custom Product Options

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Add unlimited product options! Now with live product preview!

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MultiVariants ‑ Ordini Bulk

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Ordine ingrosso varianti multiple quantità con limite min/max

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Parcelamento ‑ Installments

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Show price in installments and increase sales.

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定期購買‑Huckleberry Subscriptions

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Quick View & Color Swatch ++

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Preview product in popup + Quick checkout + Color swatches

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Wholesale Gorilla

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Simple and powerful wholesale functionality for your shop.

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Change Commerce ‑ Donation App

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Increase Loyalty & AOV, Donate % of Sales & Customer Round Up

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Discounted Upsells, Bogo Offer

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Buy X Get Y, Bundle Upsell, Free Gifts, Quantity Discount +

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