Reduce manual or repetitive tasks through bulk actions and automation.

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Xtra info

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Easily add additional information to your product pages

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Products List Variants Viewer

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Show products variants in collection with "Add to cart" button

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TagRobot ‑ Automated Tagging

Free plan available

Automatic order and customer tagging, made easy!

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Manage and edit metafields easily

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Customized Attribute

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Customize unlimited attributes to cart and registration page

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Add extra data fields wherever you need them.

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Push out of stock products last automatically

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Automate Shipping Profiles

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Automated product management for your shipping profiles

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Smart Information


Promote business and decorate your website with information

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Quick Pick Pick Lists

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Picklists to pick items quickly and fulfill your orders faster

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Customize and enhance the Admin panel and POS

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Collection Merchandiser


Drag and Drop Collection Sort Plus Stock Alerts

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Smart Metafields


Create and Manage anything related to Custom Metafield Options

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Free to install

Unique Product description that helps you rank and sell

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Custom Collections Builder

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Build collections by most shared, most viewed and many more

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Social Media Writing

Free to install

Unique Engaging Social Posts Written Daily by Expert Writers

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Image Audit


Easily tag and hide products that have missing images

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Instashop & Shoppable UGC

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Leverage User Generated Content To Increase Your Online Sales

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Add a professional forum to your store

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Custom Fields

Free plan available

Easy management of custom fields ( metafields )

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Recent Product Collections

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Create updating collections for a specific time window

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Bulk Title & Tag Editor

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Bulk edit titles. Bulk edit tags. Unlimited backups and revert

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Order Tagger by Omega

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Auto tag orders, customers with multiple conditions

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Easy Collections ‑ Power Tools

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Automatically create collections for your types and brands

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