Volg en analyseer bedrijfsgegevens om inzichten te krijgen en de bedrijfsresultaten te visualiseren.

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Google Feed & Shopping Ads

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Boost Google Shopping ROAS with Feed Automation & Remarketing

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MySizeID ‑ The Perfect Fit

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Reduce returns and boost sales with size & fit recommendations

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CRO ‑ Add Header Footer Code

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Insert code to <head>, after <body> and/or before </body> tags

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Yurtiçi Kargo

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Yurtiçi Kargo Entegrasyon Uygulaması

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Free Local Delivery Management Software

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Rockerbox Attribution

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Single source of truth for your marketing & performance

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Automate Shipping Profiles

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Save time & bulk assign your products into shipping profiles

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Reporty: A Better Slack Bot

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Save Time With Order Alerts/Reports In Slack (formerly Shoppy)

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Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards


Data Science-driven Loyalty Rewards Program

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Design Navigation: Mobile Feed

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Tinder-like Design Feed & Navigation! Swipe UX to Boost Sales

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ADCELL Tracking & Remarketing


A simple way to implement tracking and remarketing.

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Xero Integration by Bold

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Accurate & EASY way to connect and auto-sync orders with XERO!

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Shipr for Amazon FBA

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Fulfill orders using your Amazon FBA account.

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Metrics Box ‑ Store Analytics


Grow your store with actionable analytics, reports & KPIs.

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Analytics Buddy

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Analytics Data right inside your store

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Tiktok Multi Pixels


Track visitor actions with multiple Tiktok pixels

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Ecom Express ‑ Shipping


Fulfilling e-commerce and beyond…

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Group Shop: Cash Back Rewards

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Post purchase referrals, affiliates, cross sells, & up sells

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StockBot Low Stock Alert

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Low inventory alerts & Sales Forecasting

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Faraday Personas & Insights


AI-driven personas that reveal powerful insights

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Customer List for Google Ads

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Automated Customer Syncing to Google Ads Audiences

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Task automation and store data import/export

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CashControl: Real Time Profits


Optimize Cash Flow and Increase Profitability

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Exportly‑Quickbooks Xero Sync

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Automated Order/Refunds Export to Quickbooks Online and Xero

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