Sales and conversion optimization

Turn store visits into sales by building trust and making it easy for customers to buy.

Sales and conversion optimization
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Social Media Icons

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Social Icons - add Social Media Icons to Shopify website

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Product Options + Testimonials


FREE Options on Products + Testimonial Form + Popup Form

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Google Reviews by Omega

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Display customer reviews from google maps location on website

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Fast Conversion Bar


Fully-Customizable Promotional Topbar. Show Happy Customers.

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Cozy Social Proof

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Recent sales and recommendation notifications Popups.

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Social Proof ‑ The Urgency App

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Increase Sales & Create Urgency With SpurIT Social Proof App

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Globo AliExpress Reviews

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Import product reviews from Aliexpress - Photo reviews

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Acquire reviews from AliExpress, site reviews, and photo/video

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Sale Kit ‑ Social Proof bundle


4+ Black Friday essential apps (Social proof & Cart Countdown)

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Credible | Sales Pop

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Show Live Sales Pop Ups | Credible - The Original Sales Pop

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Promio ‑ Influencer Marketing

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Social Media Sharing & Influencer Marketing

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Create a professional press kit for your business

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Facebook Feed

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Facebook - Facebook app to add Facebook feed to Shopify

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Easy Social Media Marketing, promote to boost sales & traffic

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Instagram Ambassadors Reviews

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Turn customers to Instagram ambassadors & stories social proof

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Promote Me

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Promote your products in every pages of your site

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Feefo Ratings & Reviews

Free to install

Real opinions, better decisions.

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Facebook Comments

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Create social proof & collect customer testimonials

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WAShare Product

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Customer share products with their contacts in WhatsApp easy

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Display Recent Sales Popup Notifications

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Elfsight Pinterest Feed

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Add pins, boards, and your Pinterest profile on your site

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Checkout Share

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Turn every conversion into a conversation

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Sales & ROI via Social Button

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buywith Friends - Social button, Share get more sales & ROI

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Pixel Power by Ecom Fastlane

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Harness your Facebook Pixel, optimizing for bigger profits!

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