Sales and conversion optimization

Turn store visits into sales by building trust and making it easy for customers to buy.

Sales and conversion optimization
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Easy Reports

15-day free trial

Customize your Orders, Products and Customers Reports Easily!

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PageView ‑ Session Recording


Visual way to understand your customers

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Daily Deals: Smart Flash Sales

7-day free trial

Schedule sales, product promotions, discounts, sales analytics

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Track your Profit, Revenue, Expense and more in one Dashboard.

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Segments Analytics

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Find hidden revenue potential with automated segmentation

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Facebook Multiple pixels, Feeds, Custom Audiences/Lookalikes

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Quick view and Quick shop

Free plan available

Help shoppers initiate their ordering with relative ease.

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Customer and Store Analytics

Free plan available

Increase sales with eCommerce analytics | FREE ad consultation

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Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards

Free plan available

Data Science-driven Loyalty Rewards Program

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Magic TikTok Pixel

7-day free trial

One Click TikTok Conversion Event Tracking

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Slack Sales Report & Analytics

7-day free trial

Actionable daily Slack reports on key business metrics

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Crazy Egg

14-day free trial

Increase sales by knowing where & why your shoppers get stuck.

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Jioukou Group Buying

Free plan available

Using group buying let customers bring more new customers

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Pinoculars ‑ Pinterest Tag

7-day free trial

Reliable conversion tracking and retargeting for Pinterest.

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Snapchat Pixel Installer

3-day free trial

Install your Snapchat pixel with one click

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7-day free trial

Track influencer marketing campaigns.

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Analytics Buddy

Free plan available

Analytics Data right inside your store

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Facebook Ads Audit Growth Hero


Improve Your Facebook Ads Results

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Essential Product Analytics

7-day free trial

Analytics, Insights, Statistics, KPIs, Data, Bestsellers

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Basecost manager profit report


Calculate your profit, tracking costs and more in real-time

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Sales Reps Commission Manager

14-day free trial

Track sales performance and calculate commissions

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Ombré – A.I. Fashion Stylist

Free plan available

Sell more clothes with our digital fashion stylist

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14-day free trial

Track, analyse and grow your business everyday

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ADCELL Tracking & Remarketing


A simple way to implement tracking and remarketing.

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