Sales and conversion optimization

Turn store visits into sales by building trust and making it easy for customers to buy.

Sales and conversion optimization
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Sell More Toolbox


Give Recently Viewed Recommendations and Upsell with Cart Bump

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Simile | Similar Upsell

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Increase Sales with Automated AI Recommendations

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Smarter Cart Process with Upsells, Cross-sells & Bundles

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Powerful Personalization. Made Easy.

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CanisHub Personalization Suite

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Personalized Product Recommendations + Web Push Notifications

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Upsell & Cross Sell • Upselly

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Frequently Bought Together 1-Click Upsell & Cross Sell!

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Quantity Price Breaks

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Volume Pricing table, Bulk discount, Buy more Save More!

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Upsell for Products

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Cart Upsell App to Offer Products Based on Cart Content

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Geo AI ‑ Collections Generator


Geo-Targeted Best Sellers Popular Trending Products Collection

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Personalized Recommendations

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AI upsell, cross-sell, related products, recommended products

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In‑line cart upsell cross‑sell


Add unique upsells or cross-sells for each product in the cart

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Related Products ‑ Also Bought

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Related Products - Also Bought - Frequently Bought Together

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Awesome Upsell

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Boost up your sales using this 2-in-1 app!

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AI Product Recommendations

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Increase upsell and cross sell conversions with AI

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Sweet Spot Checkout Upsell

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Increase your profit with sweet upsell offers

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Shop The Look

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Increase Average Order Value with Complete The Look

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Protolabz‑Upsell & Cross sell


Build Upsell & Cross-sell on Product,cart and thank you page

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Candy Cart — Upsell In Cart

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One click upsell popup in the cart page before checkout upsell

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Upsell Anything ‑ Page builder

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Increase sales by adding upsells & cross-sells to any product

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Image Based Related Products

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Personal Recommendations - Works with Zero Integration Effort

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UpliftHero — One Click Upsell

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Pop-Up Free One Click Upsell & Thank You Page Upsell

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Simple Recently Viewed Product


Easy to add Recently Viewed Products in Product and Cart Page.

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Guidelines Product Finders

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Drive sales with product finders, quizzes and gift guides

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Related Products by Tag

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Show Related Products & Recently Bought Together products

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