Sales and conversion optimization

Turn store visits into sales by building trust and making it easy for customers to buy.

Sales and conversion optimization
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Recently Viewed Products

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Reduce user's pain to search recently viewed products with app

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Sweet Spot Checkout Upsell

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Increase your profit with sweet upsell offers

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Simile | Personalization Suite


AI Personalizer Tailoring Your Site to Each Customer

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Board Game Atlas Listings


Get listed on the most powerful board game search engine!

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Gravy Sales and Marketing

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Customers are your best salespeople.

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Sales Motivator Bar by Revy

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Encourage customers to achieve goals for discounts!

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Bold Brain ‑ AI for your store

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Product Recommendation through AI and Machine Learning

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Cozy Social Proof

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Sale Pop urgency, Social Proof, Sales Popup, Sale Notification

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Cartify ‑ Nitro Cart Related


Upsell cart popup

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Hoverowl Related Products AI

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Powerful Product Suggestions AI Conversion Tool

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Recently Viewed


Amazon-like recently viewed products reminder

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Findify Search & Personalize

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Enterprise-grade search and personalization used by top brands

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More Like This? New Arrivals!

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Related Products, You May Also Like, Style With, New Arrivals

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Checkout Upsell Post Purchase

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customize the Thank You page to upsell and reconvert customers

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From $39/month

Sell better with videos

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AI-powered e-commerce optimization for your store

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Coral CC

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Create interactive and personalized online Catalogs

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A Product Finder Quiz

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Create engaging quizzes in minutes to recommend products

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Spotlightify Product Discovery


Get your store, products, and deals in front of new shoppers

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Trending Sort

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Feature your trending products first and increase conversions

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Cross selling ‑ by

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Hassle free cross selling that's super fast

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Upsell Anything ‑ Page builder

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Increase sales by adding upsells & cross-sells to any product

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Fresh Relevance

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A fresh take on personalization for Shopify

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Related Products Pro

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Easy to create and manage related products on product pages

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