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Shopify Email

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E-mailmarketing voor klantenbinding en een hogere omzet

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Seguno: Email Marketing

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Email marketing in less time — new Black Friday BFCM templates

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Klaviyo: Email Marketing

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Marketing software built for your growth

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LAI AliExpress Reviews


(FREE) Import AliExpress Reviews, Dropshipping Product Reviews

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MailChimp Forms by MailMunch

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Grow your MailChimp list with exit intent popups and coupons

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Match email templates to your store design and sell more

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Invoice Falcon

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Invoices & documents for every need. Professional, compliant.

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Spently Email Templates

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Upsell, discount & cart recovery with customized notifications

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Connect with your customers via email marketing & SMS

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Newsletter ‑ Email Marketing

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Marketing Automation, Remarketing App, Conversio Alternative

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OnVoard: Back In Stock


Recover out-of-stock revenue when products are back in stock.

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Back In Stock Alerts Email+SMS

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Out of Stock + Preorders + Klaviyo & Mailchimp + Email/SMS

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Printrooster Order Printing

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Print custom invoices & receipts, add rules and sort orders!

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Simple, Intuitive & Powerful, Web to Print app.

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Send messages to anyone, anywhere, anytime

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Shipment Tracking & Notify

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Live Tracking Email Notifications & Tracking Lookup Page

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Flashy ‑ Marketing Automation

Vanaf $7/maand

All-In-One Marketing Automation Platform for eCommerce

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Visely Product Recommendations

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Personalized product recommendations at a fraction of the cost

5.0 van 5 sterren(42recensies) Email Marketing

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Increase revenue with targeted email campaigns and automations

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ShopFeedback ‑ NPS

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Collect feedback, take action, and create happier customers

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Giffify ‑ GIFs infused emails

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Boost your sales with automated GIFs in your emails!

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Collect email subscriptions in a fun and effective way.

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Email Collection, Coupons & Social Popups, Bars & Cards

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Upsell by Email


Product Upsell by Email marketing & Email bundles & Mass email

4.8 van 5 sterren(94recensies)
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