Store design

Add features and customize your store design with eye-catching and functional elements to make your store stand out.

Store design
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Vimeo Video Gallery

7-day free trial

Create playlist, gallery or display Vimeo channel on your site

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Multi Page Responsive Slider

7-day free trial

Display multiple responsive image sliders on a single page

4.2 of 5 stars(8reviews)


Free plan available

Virtual mirror solution for trying on eyeglasses online

5.0 of 5 stars(2reviews)

Deep‑Image AI Image Resizer

Free to install

Increase photo size automatically without losing quality

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Image Migrator

From $3/month

Import and export images from other locations and stores

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PS Tunnel

5-day free trial

Connect Photoshop. Edit product images with one click.

5.0 of 5 stars(13reviews)

Spice Image Gallery

14-day free trial

Photo Galleries. Create LookBook Gallery and Image Gallery

4.2 of 5 stars(28reviews)


2-day free trial

Bulk Image Upload by image name, product sku and product tag

1.3 of 5 stars(5reviews)


Free to install

Professional image editing for e-commerce

5.0 of 5 stars(35reviews)

Video Gallery & Carousel ‑ MIY

Free to install

Video Gallery to showcase your products + shoppable catalog

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Better Home Screen Icons

5-day free trial

Easily add Home Screen Icons and FavIcons to your shop.

3.0 of 5 stars(3reviews)

Lookbook Image + Video Gallery

30-day free trial

Create Lookbook & Image Gallery + Product Tagging

4.8 of 5 stars(4reviews)

Content Protection by Buymaxx

7-day free trial

Protect your content from being stolen!

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Awesome SEO Image Optimizer

From $9.99/month

Optimize & watermark images for better SEO and increase sales

4.2 of 5 stars(13reviews)


7-day free trial

Manage your product images from your Dropbox!

2.9 of 5 stars(9reviews)

Product Image Zoom Gowebbaby


Nice Zoom Effects on Product Detail Page

3.7 of 5 stars(22reviews)

UPLOAD ‑ Auto Photo Retouching

Free to install

Remove background & recommend composition of products with AI.

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Free to install

The easiest way to create Video Ads for your products

3.9 of 5 stars(8reviews)

E‑Commerce Image Editing

Free to install

Retouched Images that propels your online E-commerce business!

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Image Optimizer & Compression

Free plan available

The best SEO Image Optimizer + Image Compression

3.0 of 5 stars(5reviews)

ShopCast: Sales Videos

Free plan available

Add the ‘human touch’ to your store and increase conversions.

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LicenseSpring Fulfillment

Free to install

Automatic license key generation and fulfillment

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Better Bottom Icons

5-day free trial

Easily tell your customers about your services by adding icons

2.1 of 5 stars(2reviews)

Easy Responsive Videos & Maps

7-day free trial

Make your website fully responsive. Responsive maps and videos

5.0 of 5 stars(3reviews)