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Store design
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Boost global sales with country and language recommendations.

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Cozy Country Redirect

21-day free trial

Geolocation Geo IP Redirect Visitors, Geo Apps+

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RTL Master

From $4.95/month

Make your store suitable for Hebrew/Arabic in few clicks!

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KAD Preorder

Free to install

Bulk setting, partial payments, translations, schedule, badges

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Multi‑Store Hreflang Tags

14-day free trial

Perfect hreflang tags for SEO even with messy URLs.

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Hreflang Manager

14-day free trial

Multi-store solution guiding customers to their localized shop

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14-day free trial

Have your store translated in as many languages as you wish

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Multifeeds for Facebook

14-day free trial

Multiple language/country/currency feeds for Facebook Catalog

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ZipLogic ‑ Zip Code Validator

Free plan available

Logical Zipcode Validator

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Stackry International Shipping


Effortlessly open your store to billions of shoppers worldwide

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Zipcode validator to check product availability by location.

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