Store design

Add features and customize your store design with eye-catching and functional elements to make your store stand out.

Store design
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Create Product-Characteristics for your Checkout

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Decorative cosmetics try‑on

14-day free trial

Let customers try before they buy!

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Vendors logo

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Earn more commission from your partners

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Switch to Swatches

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Make Easiest Shopping Experience

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Product Options Kit

10-day free trial

Increase average order value by extra product options

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Color Swatchify

7-day free trial

Add colorful swatches to your product variants

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Product Questions & Answers

$29.99 one-time charge

Show questions answers on product page

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Geoip Product Blocker

25-day free trial

Block products that are not available in selected countries

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Interactive Measurement Calculator for Floors, Boxes, & More

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Jozi ‑ Mix & Match

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Mix & Match Your Perfect Outfit

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Virtual Fitting Room For Online Fashion Stores- No More Return

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Naiz Fit Chart: Recommend Size

Free plan available

Boost sales, reduce returns and increase customer trust.

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Content Sumo

Free to install

Order and Get Professionally Written Product Descriptions.

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Dynavi Product Video

From $5/month

Create a unique video clip for your products

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User Photos

7-day free trial

Let your users upload pictures of them with your products

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Fancy Product Designer

7-day free trial

Give your customers the freedom to design any kind of product

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Ask Questions

$39.99 one-time charge

Let your customers contact you for any query from product page

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Show your size with layout and arrow

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Unit Pricer

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The easiest way to display per unit prices for bulk items

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Me‑Zur Me


Ensuring Confidence in Each Purchase

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MySizeID ‑ The Perfect Fit

30-day free trial

Help shoppers pick the right size, every time

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Quick View and Color Swatches

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Improve Shopping Experiece

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User-friendly color swatches & size buttons for product page

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Don't worry about sizes. Just shop.

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