Store design

Add features and customize your store design with eye-catching and functional elements to make your store stand out.

Store design
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Quick Quote

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Let your customers request quotes through the Shopify cart.

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A simple tipping or donation pop-up for your store checkout.

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Order Delivery Date Selector

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Show delivery date calendar on your product page or cart page

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Exchanges, Store Credits, Returns and More Good!

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Setup PayPal Checkout Shortcut


Activate Dynamic Checkout Button for Product and Cart pages

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Required by The Resistance

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Optionally required fields for the cart page.

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Crowdfunding Manager

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№1 Crowdfunding App for Your Shopify Store

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Messenger Pickup Appointments


Order pickup scheduling with curbside plus contactless notice

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Zestard Product Matrix

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Show product variants in attractive tabular structure

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Sweet Order Bump

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Boost your sales with orderbump upsells and in cart upsells

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Add to Cart Animator + Shaker

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Animate your Add to Cart and convert visitor into customer

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GeoIP Shipping Rate Calculator

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Display Shipping Cost upfront on cart page. Boost Conversions

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Payment Icon Hider


Best App To Improve Customer Checkout Experience

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Share The Love by W3

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Track donations submitted through your cart!

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Floating Checkout Prompt

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Quicker way to convert

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In‑line cart upsell cross‑sell


Add unique upsells or cross-sells for each product in the cart

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Crowd Funding

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Fund Raising from the masses for a Project/Venture

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Minimum Orders

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Prevent Small Orders

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Cart Upsells, Messages, Banners, Discounts...

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Software for Shipping Labels, Shipping Rates, Delivery Options

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Glovo Delivery

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Increase your Local Deliveries daily

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Setting Min-Max Quantities now made Easy

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Ship to Multiple Addresses in a Single Order.

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Pargo pick‑up points

Free to install

Never miss a delivery again and collect from your local store.

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