Store design

Add features and customize your store design with eye-catching and functional elements to make your store stand out.

Store design
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Advanced Order Quantity

5-day free trial

Add minimum & maximum order quantity for products & cart page

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7-day free trial

Animate any button, text, image on storefront by a few clicks.

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Required by The Resistance

5-day free trial

Optionally required fields for the cart page.

5.0 of 5 stars(3reviews)

Minimum Orders

5-day free trial

Prevent Small Orders

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Wrap It Smart

7-day free trial

Gifts wrapping, sorting and grouping solution.

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Advanced Cart Drawer

7-day free trial

Increase Sales With Easy Cart Management And 1 Click Checkout

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Ada CTA: Cart Button Animator

30-day free trial

Easy "Add To Cart" button styles and animations

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Share The Love by W3

5-day free trial

Track donations submitted through your Shopify cart!

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MultiBuy Sales Booster

5-day free trial

Add to Cart Sales and Checkout Booster

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Crowd Funding

7-day free trial

Fund Raising from the masses for a Project/Venture

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MyTerms ‑ agree Terms checkbox


Add terms and conditions checkbox to cart and comply with GDPR

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Cart Slide

7-day free trial

Lets you cart slide from the right!

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Terms and conditions by Saio

5-day free trial

Add terms and conditions checkbox to your store in seconds

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Group Carts & Chat Rooms

30-day free trial

Group Buy & Group Chat

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No Auto Default Address Swap

7-day free trial

Stop orders from autochanging your customers' default address

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Upsell Chat Bot

21-day free trial

Offer a discount code by bargaining with the customer

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Hide Amazon Pay in Cart

7-day free trial

Hide Amazon Pay for improved checkout experience

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Notification & Bubble Cart

3-day free trial

Cart Update Notifies By Favicon Change Notification

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Free Shipping Progress Bar

14-day free trial

Display free shipping progress in your cart template

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Rectify ‑ Edit products option

$50 one-time charge

Edit products' options in cart page = better ux = more sales

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AOD: Smart Cart Save & Share

20-day free trial

Wishlist your cart for later use.

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Terms and Conditions by Thrust

7-day free trial

Easy Terms and Conditions Checkbox for your cart page.

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Shareable Cart

30-day free trial

Makes your cart shareable and transferrable between devices.

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OTP on cart

7-day free trial

Cart Validation through OTP (One Time Password)

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