Tilføj funktioner, og tilpas din butiks design med iøjnefaldende og funktionelle elementer for at få din butik til at skille sig ud.

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Waze & Google Maps Navigation


Shows customer the way to your store via Waze/Google Maps apps

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Cart & Button Animator


Catch your visitors attention with Cart Animator

4.8 af 5 stjerner(8anmeldelses)

Globo Sticky Add To Cart

Gratis abonnement tilgængeligt

Boost sales with sticky Add To Cart, Skip the cart page

4.0 af 5 stjerner(145anmeldelses)

Trtle Upsell ‑ Discount popup

14-dages gratis prøveperiode

Easily sell more. User friendly Upsell & Cross sell pop ups

4.9 af 5 stjerner(26anmeldelses)

Upsell Wizard: Upsell Funnels

Gratis abonnement tilgængeligt

Cart Upsell, Post Purchase Upsell, Upsell & Cross Sell Popups

5.0 af 5 stjerner(6anmeldelses)


Gratis abonnement tilgængeligt

Custom Donation Amounts Accepted in Your Store, Zero Coding

5.0 af 5 stjerner(6anmeldelses)

Batch: Auction Upsell Checkout

Gratis abonnement tilgængeligt

Sell more with checkouts mixing Buy Now & Pay What You Want

5.0 af 5 stjerner(8anmeldelses)

Ask to Buy ‑ Cart as registry


Turn your Cart to Registry & Wish List with fast Cart Sharing

4.7 af 5 stjerner(19anmeldelses)

Min&Max Limits by Limitsify

10-dages gratis prøveperiode

Min/Max limits for your store!

4.6 af 5 stjerner(20anmeldelses)

Terms and Conditions Checkbox

Gratis abonnement tilgængeligt

Add a terms and conditions checkbox in Product page & Cart

5.0 af 5 stjerner(12anmeldelses)

Skip To Checkout

3-dages gratis prøveperiode

Fast Checkout, avoid Cart & Buy Now App,Custom Checkout Button

4.4 af 5 stjerner(70anmeldelses)

Pre‑Order Alpha


Sell pre-order, sold out, and "coming soon" products.

4.2 af 5 stjerner(5anmeldelses)

Conekta Offline Payments

Gratis at installere

Let your customers pay in cash and be notified within 6 second

2.3 af 5 stjerner(8anmeldelses)

Customer & Cart Attribute

Gratis abonnement tilgængeligt

Add unlimited number of fields to registration and cart page

4.7 af 5 stjerner(241anmeldelses)


30-dages gratis prøveperiode

Optimize your checkout w/ flexible shipping & delivery options

4.0 af 5 stjerner(14anmeldelses)

Easy Shipping Restrictions

3-dages gratis prøveperiode

Simple custom shipping rules using postal/ZIP codes & patterns

4.9 af 5 stjerner(82anmeldelses)

Delivery Date Pro

15-dages gratis prøveperiode

Our delivery date app lets the customer choose when to Deliver

4.5 af 5 stjerner(83anmeldelses)

#1 Facebook Chat & Chatbot


Facebook Messenger Marketing, reply and chat in 1 place

5.0 af 5 stjerner(2anmeldelses)

MonsterUpsells | Upsell Cart

10-dages gratis prøveperiode

Create A Slide Out Cart with Powerful Upsells & Cross Sells!

5.0 af 5 stjerner(6anmeldelses)

I Agree ‑ Terms and Conditions

7-dages gratis prøveperiode

Easily add I Agree to terms & conditions checkbox in cart page

4.9 af 5 stjerner(9anmeldelses)

HK Pickup: Store & SF Express

30-dages gratis prøveperiode

SF Express (順豐), EF lockers & store pickup points in Hong Kong

4.9 af 5 stjerner(7anmeldelses)

Zappy ‑ Sweet Upsell Bundles

Gratis abonnement tilgængeligt

Sweet Upsell Bundles, Checkout Upsell & In Cart Upsell Funnels

4.4 af 5 stjerner(5anmeldelses)

Advance Reorder ‑ Repeat Order

7-dages gratis prøveperiode

Simplest way to place the previous orders & item again

4.9 af 5 stjerner(45anmeldelses)

Nitro Live Coupon

10-dages gratis prøveperiode

Apply discount code directly in Cart page, Product page

4.9 af 5 stjerner(42anmeldelses)