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Add features and customize your store design with eye-catching and functional elements to make your store stand out.

Store design
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Home delivery, pickups, labeling and tracking.

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HK Pickup Options

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Offer retail stores and SF Express locker pickup in Hong Kong.

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Ship to Multiple Addresses in a Single Order.

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Setting Min-Max Quantities now made Easy

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EZ Cart & Sticky Checkout


Streamline your checkout process to boost your sales!

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Carbon Checkout


Elevate your brand by aligning with a cause

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Payment Icon Hider


Best App To Improve Customer Checkout Experience

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60-day free trial

Complete Returns Platform with Store Credits and Exchanges!

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Reorder Master ‑ Repeat Orders


Repeat Order with Wholesale Order Form to Retain Buyers

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Zestard Gift Wrap

7-day free trial

Let your customer choose an option to wrap the gift.

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Raid Funnels

Free plan available

The Ultimate Upsell Booster

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Delivery Date Pro

3-day free trial

Our delivery date app lets the customer choose when to Deliver

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Advanced Cart Drawer

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Increase Sales With Easy Cart Management And 1 Click Checkout

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Share The Love by W3

5-day free trial

Track donations submitted through your Shopify cart!

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Checkout Upsell Post Purchase

Free plan available

customize the Thank You page to upsell and reconvert customers

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Sales Climb Sticky Add To Cart


Sticky Bar builder designed to convert users & grow sales

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PostNL Pick‑up Points

14-day free trial

Provide PostNL Pick-up points in the checkout

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Free to install

We deliver time!

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Pargo pickup points

Free to install

Never miss a delivery again and collect from your local store.

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Candy Cart – Upsell In Cart

14-day free trial

One click upsell popup in the cart page before checkout upsell

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Go Cart


Can't Miss Cart Animation

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Savy ‑ Replace Clearance Sales

Free to install

2X buyer conversions, inc. revenue by 30%, boost brand value

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Terms Confirmation Checkbox

$59 one-time charge

Add custom checkboxes to your cart page with just a few clicks

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Smart Send

Free to install

Show pick-up points and print labels directly in the webshop

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