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ClearSale Fraud Protection

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Your Complete E-Commerce Fraud Protection Solution

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GDPR Cookie Compiler


Get GDPR Cookie Compliance Easier

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Shop Secure

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Country Restriction, Disable Right-Click and Copy, GDPR

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Proveway Uptrack

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Add Tracking to PayPal & Stripe

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Add Tracking info to PayPal & Build Trust With PayPal.

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FREE Disable Right Click Pro


Prevent copy/paste, Protect images, text & Block Country FREE

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FraudBlock Fraud Prevention

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Automatically cancel high-risk orders to prevent fraud

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Smart Age Verification


Restricts access to under age users

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Agree Terms and Conditions

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Terms and conditions checkbox works with Paypal, Gpay,Buy now

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Blocky: Simple Country Blocker

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Block IP address, Geolocation Country & Proxy / VPN fraud bots

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Bad Customer


Block customers, reduce chargebacks & avoid serial-refunders.

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Super Watermarks ‑ Badges

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Boost sales with labels, stickers and badges on product images

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Age Check Popup

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A customizable age confirmation popup

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Easy Country Blocker

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Block or redirect unwanted visitors accessing your store

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Legal ‑ France


Le kit indispensable de mentions légales tout en un !

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Easily block countries, IP addresses, VPNs and websites

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18 Plus Age Verification Popup

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Age Gating - 18+ age check popup. Let user certify their age.

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Age Check + Age Verification

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Age Check - Age verify app restricts access to under age users

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Block Redirect Users Ultimate

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Redirect to Subdomains, Country/IP Blocking, Free App

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Signifyd ‑ Fraud Protection

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Maximize Revenue by Preventing Fraud Orders & Customer Abuse

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Privacy Compliance Suite


All the tools you need to be fully compliant - GDPR/CCPA/LGDP.

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Real ID ‑ Verify Customer IDs

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Eliminate fraud & verify customer age with real ID checks

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Conekta Antifraud

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Enrich Conekta orders with additional info for antifraud

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Increase conversion with blockchain certification

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