Fiducia e sicurezza

Proteggi la tua attività, i tuoi clienti e le tue risorse.

Fiducia e sicurezza
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Ultimate Trust Badges FREE!


Free badges to boost customer trust and confidence. w/ COLORS!

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EU Cookie Bar GDPR ‑ 100% FREE


Provide a cookie banner to EU customers. GDPR consent

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Cozy AntiTheft


Disable right click, Protects Stores Images, Text copy & paste

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Free GDPR + EU Cookie Bar


FREE EU/GDPR cookie! Works with Spocket, Oberlo & Loox

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GDPR Cookie Consent Banner


Free customized GDPR/CCPA & ePrivacy aligned All-in-1 solution

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Easy GDPR + Cookie Bar


Get GDPR compliant with 1 click.Cookie bar included.100% FREE.

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Ultimate Product Icons

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Display your product guarantees and features to convert sales

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Disable Right Click Pro


Disable right click, Protects Stores Images, Text copy & paste

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Rewind Backups

7 giorni di prova gratuita

Automated Backups. Easily Undo, Recover, or Restore.

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RGPD + Gestione dei cookie

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Ottieni un sito Web conforme a RGPD e una barra dei cookie

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Vault AntiTheft


Disable right click, Protects Store Images, Text copy & Paste

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Social Login by NDNAPPS

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Social Login: Login redirect, Email integration, Report...

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Build trust and increase conversions. Includes McAfee SECURE.

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GDPR Cookie Compiler


Get GDPR Cookie Compliance Easier

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GDPR Legal Cookie

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GDPR & CCPA compliant cookie consent incl facebook and google

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18 Plus Age Verification Popup

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Age Gating - 18+ age check popup. Let user certify their age.

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EU GDPR Cookies Notification


Notify your visitors about your Privacy Policy.

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Free GDPR Cookie Notice + CCPA


EU cookie bar & GDPR cookie banner- EU GDPR/CCPA consent bar

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15 giorni di prova gratuita

Access control, for anything in your online store :)

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Customer Profile Editor


Customer fields self-edit made possible for all stores

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Shop Secure

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Country Restriction, Disable Right-Click and Copy, GDPR

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ExIm ‑ Export / Import data


export, import, pages, blogs, blog articles, theme settings

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Automatic Backups

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A fully automated backup system for your store in one click.

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Disable Right Click FREE

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The original disable right click app

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