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10. Oktober 2022

Customer service is the more incompetent that I have seen for a very long time, frankly, stop contradicting you! It's been for a week that I have bugs with their application, they tells me to do this and that but in the end nothing changes. After I am told things that are false! I hallucinate! Seems very good and kind at first but in the long run believe me that these are people who do not know what they are talking about. Don't waste your time.

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Helixo hat geantwortet 12. Oktober 2022


Thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience, but I really appreciate you bringing this issue to my attention.

It seems that you misunderstood our response.

Yes! The currency is converted at your checkout page also.

It is because you have enabled Shopify multi-currency.

Unfortunately, as per Shopify policies apps are not allowed to convert currency at the checkout page.

Hope this article can help you to understand well.

Also, regarding your initial query about rounding and conversion, as we've already told you, the conversions are handled by Shopify as multi-currency was enabled on your store.

That's why we told you to contact Shopify for better support.

Hope you understood.

I apologize again for the inconvenience. we take all reviews seriously and will use them in our continuous improvement efforts!

In case of further queries please contact us at or via our in-app chat. We are always happy to help you.

-Helixo Support Team

7. Februar 2022

I was looking forward to using this app on my website but instead it has caused confusion by converting values twice! It will list one converted price on the main page and then a different price after they add to cart! I also have been trying to get this problem resolved for over a month. So I emailed support to uninstall it. They said it was completed when it wasn't. Values are still converting twice and it has not been uninstalled. I am so very disappointed with the service that I received and I will not be using another app from this company because of this experience. I have been very patient and have been neglected as a customer.

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18. Oktober 2021

Calculated the wrong exchange rate, so had to disable, seems it does not work with all themes, adding random words to hit the 100 word minimum!!

Vereinigtes Königreich
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 8 monate
Helixo hat geantwortet 24. Oktober 2021

Thank you for your feedback. But please note we use the exchange rate provided by Shopify itself.

Also, while enquiring with the support team we could find that you never contacted us regarding this issue. So we never got a chance to diagnose the issue or even reach conclusion whether this issue was indeed due to our app or just misunderstanding.

We are happy to help you with this matter if the issue is with our app. We always help our clients to achieve the app's full potential in every way we can. So please get back to us so that we can figure out what went wrong and fix it for you.

You can contact us via the in-app chat or at

Looking forwards to hearing from you.

4. Oktober 2021

The idea of the app is great but unfortunately the code of the app has a lot of work to be done to be great.
When the app is set up for the first time, the app looks great and is working very well. However as soon as something is changed in the settings and layout the app is integrating another layer.
The result is, that if you are making 10 adjustments you will have 10 layers and 10 shadows on your homepage.
Therefore I can't recommend this app

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Helixo hat geantwortet 8. Oktober 2021

Thank you for bringing this issue to light. This can be easily solved from our side.

But while checking with the customer support team, I was able to gather that you never contacted us regarding this issue. Also, upon seeing your review we had contacted you twice via email and once via the in-app chat, but there was no response from your side.

Please get back to us in case you still need help with this issue. We are more than happy to help you.

You can contact us via our in-app chat or at

- Sreeshankar, Customer Support Advocate

27. April 2021

The app works but there is NO SUPPORT. After sending emails but no one replied. NOT AT ALL RECOMMEND.

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Helixo hat geantwortet 7. Mai 2021

Hello Neel,

We regret any inconvenience that was caused from our side. But we need to clear some things up. It says that you never got any response from our side. That is not true. In fact, we had sent you 2 emails as a follow-up for the issue and asking for more details to determine the solution. We never received any reply from your side.

We tried getting back to you through your personal mail. Since the message from our email tracker said none of the emails we sent to you were opened.

To the people reading this, we take customer support very seriously. Sarah, our customer service executive does a wonderful job. Needless to say, the 400+ reviews speak for themselves. We can give you our word that we will not disappoint you.
Contact us at for any help.

Thank you.

18. Februar 2021

The app works but there is 0 support, I sent emails but no one replied. I just had a small question, I m very disappointed.

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8. Februar 2021

Their support is HORRIBLE. This app is extremely buggy, doesn't even work on certain iPad versions + flag option doesn't even show on newest mobile. Be aware! Support promised to fix the bugs/issues last 6 months to no avail. Continues to lie, their technical support team constantly gives false promises and now blocked me simply because they are not capable of fixing their bugs. Just horrendous overall. Worst app ever!

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2. Februar 2021

Abysmal customer service. Virtually none. The responses that do arrive are very slow, not helpful, not followed up. So as long as things are working ok, then ok. But, it's not. First it was working with Shopify's multiple currencies and then apparently it was not. At first the prices showed USD and then they did not. At first the switch from the shop currency to chosen currency was fast, as claimed. Now it is very slow. No response from the app once again. It's been such a waste of time.

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11. November 2020

The prices for my products stated to raise by themselves when somebody was scrolling up and down the page.

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Bearbeitet am 30. Oktober 2020

Customer service is so BADDDDDDDD ! Contacted them and waiting for more than 2 weeks, but the issue hasn't been resolved. First I sent them twice via email, but got no reply. Then I had to login to the app and sent them message via Chat support, there was no body there. So I left a message telling them that please contact me via email . Then I received a notification via email saying that somebody answered me via ... message (WHY MESSAGE, NOT EMAIL ????) , and she said "Let me check, one moment please", and then NOTHING ELSE. No answer, no more message, no email coming . I kept waiting but no body contacted me after that "one moment please" :(((( SUCH A TERRIBLE SUPPORT !!!!

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