BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++

BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++


Hi-Speed ⎋ Auto Currency Switcher with Checkout Conversion!

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Automatically convert prices

Automatically convert to 160+ currencies based on customer location. Multi Currency support with automatic geolocation currency conversion.

Boost International Sales

Encourage international customer sales. Boost your international sales presence. Show converted prices without flickering of original price

Ultra Lightweight - 9KB Only

Lightening fast small script loading site blazing fast. Currency Converter supports Instant Loader, launch up and running in 3 steps.

BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ 정보

BUCKS - The lightning fast currency converter app.

Experience the easiest and the extremely lightweight fastest currency converter

NEW: INSTANT LOADER Feature makes us the currency converter that converts the store currencies as fast as the blink of an eye.

  • Instant Loading Technology implemented in the core
  • No flickering while showing converted price
  • Works with AJAX Carts
  • Manual conversion API support for Third Party Apps Developers
  • Provides Custom CSS support
  • Automatically switch to customer local currency in instant speed

Instant Loader converts prices without the flickering of original store currency to converted price.


  • No coding skills required
  • Instant conversion of prices
  • Works with AJAX Cart
  • Works with Multiple Variants
  • Works with any theme
  • UI design and customer usability experience
  • Automatic currency detection as per the visitors geo-location
  • The personalized currency rounding method
  • Supports over 160+ currencies in the world (Smart Currency Dropdown)
  • Shows the original price on mouse over the converted price
  • Personalized position and style of the dropdown for currency selection
  • Free support to integrate the dropdown for currency selection to the desired menu
  • Accurate Exchange Rates
  • Exceptional Customer Support

We provide you with the customer support. We put you in touch directly in line with the developers if any assistance is required.

Easy Installation/Uninstallation.

Installing or uninstalling the converter is easy. All you need to do is click. We do not mess with your themes. Uninstalling the application reverts back all the changes done by us.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.


  • Upsell Funnel Engine

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4.8 별 5개 중

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Currency translation, it's great. I'm using it. I haven't encountered any problems yet. I hope he can finish the work

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 10일

July 27, 2021
Thank you for sharing your review, Precious Gem for us! 🤩 I am always happy to help you any time 😊

In case of further support please contact us through our in-app chat or write us at support@helixo.co

- Nikitha, Customer Support Advocate


La acabo de instalar y de momento muy bien , la estoy probando.
interfaz muy intuitiva y clara, y en shopify tambien a pantalla completa....
en movil no me queda claro aun, pero habra que investigar.

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 9일

Thank you so much for this wonderful review. If you need any assistance with our app please contact us at support@helixo.co or via our in-app chat.

-Sarah, Customer Support Advocate.

Hustic Market

It crashed my Debutify check out button SUDDENLY. And I am running big budget advertisement :( I had to uninstalled it to continue moving forward

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 9일

Thank you for your review. But for your information this issue could have been solved by activating instant loader which increases the speed of the app and in turn the site.

While checking with the agent in charge of the shift, we could find that you never consulted with us to resolve this issue. We are sorry to see you go.

In case you decide to reconsider our app. We are more than happy to help you.

If in need of help please contact us at support@helixo.co or via our in-app chat.