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10 de julio de 2024

very good service i love it all the time they are the best

Reino Unido
4 meses usando la aplicación
17 de julio de 2024


URSUNNY Jewelry Factory
2 meses usando la aplicación
25 de marzo de 2024


Sweet jewelry
34 minutos usando la aplicación
BuckyDrop respondió 25 de junio de 2024


13 de abril de 2022

I have been using Buckydrop's purchasing, warehousing and parcel-packing services for 3 years now and I am very satisfied with their service. They have a wide range of other services too (e.g. white labelling, vacuum packing) that are highly customisable and competitively priced. It takes my mind off the operations so that I can focus on growing my store. I absolutely love their customer service as well. They are highly responsive and reliable. It does take a while to navigate their user interface/website though, as there are many functions and services available. Overall, I highly recommend anyone who is starting a dropshipping store to try this app.

TXT Universe
Alrededor de 3 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 16 de marzo de 2022

It is easy to work with Ellie because she is resourceful, knowledgeable, and responsive.
She sources products quickly and provides efficient shipping options. Highly recommended!

Pan Dora's Magic Box
Casi 3 años usando la aplicación
15 de abril de 2022

I was looking for a dropshipping app that would allow me to directly house items in China from Chinese suppliers and receive shipments from Taobao, Tmall and similar websites. Buckydrop does all this and more! I have a dedicated account manager who has worked with me on creating customized packaging options so my customers know where their package is coming from. They offer a wide range of freight options when shipping out packages to customers, always getting me the best rates. You can automate the entire customer order process which is one of the things I love the most about this service, including if an item goes out of stock with your supplier it automatically updates on your site. Overall I really could not have continued my business without their service. It's cheap, although the fees aren't completely clear since there are "packages" you can buy, but it's mostly by the order. You do have to maintain a balance on their site to fund your purchases but they have payment options in a wide range of providers. Can't recommend their services highly enough!

Lolita Collective
Estados Unidos
Más de 2 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 27 de enero de 2022

Been using Bucky for almost 6 months now. Very professional support staff. If you are into the sourcing of products from Taobao, JDMall, 1688 (China version of Ali Baba) then Bucky may be the app you are looking for. They don't source products from Ali Baba and Ali Express which are platforms for international export. Instead, they go local where you can get the price at 20-40% cheaper. The problem with sourcing products meant for the local market although it is cheaper, the instruction manual tends to be in Mandarin and electronic products cater to the local voltage and power adapter. ( 110v -220v) But, that shouldn't put you off. The solution is, always check with the supplier and let them know the specs and they will be able to facilitate. If you don't, they will despatch the local ones by default to Bucky warehouse. Probably we got so used to the convenience of Aliexpress that we tend to overlook this nitty-gritty stuff. Also, they provide private sourcing, white-label, and an array of packaging with multiple shipping options to the rest of the world. Standard shipping time will take 5-15 days. Express service via DHL and UPS. Adding products to your store via Taobao and JDmall is brisk. Add the store's link to Bucky and import it to the store. You can also source products on your own to store in their warehouse but only for 30 days after which they will charge you like USD4 per SKU. There are other apps that provide this service but the level of professionalism how Bucky runs their service is truly an exception. Based on my 6 months with them, I trust them. The only issue is they don't have any warehouse in the U.S. or Europe and that's why I'm also using a second dropshipping platform. Just would like to highlight that these guys are professional and honest. Support service is immediate and they really take care of things. Each account will have a personal manager assigned. There is a learning curve in understanding the platform but you'll get the hang of it within a few hours. They will guide you every step of the way. English communication is 10/10. They do offer product inspection service which has been a life-saver. Depending on the level of the inspection that you require costing about 5-15 yen. Also, they have the "Test On" service for electronic products. You just don't know how valuable that service is. You can set the system to auto-reject and return back to the supplier if the product fails to meet expectations. The return fee is 5 yen. There are many automation features you can set to save you all the hassle. Payments and deductions are all done via their e-wallet which you can top up via Paypal.

Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 12 de mayo de 2022

I've being with them for many years. Their fulfillment processes are fast, efficient and always above standards. They put your orders as first priorities and make sure the suppliers' inventories are sufficient. They have professional fulfillment team, they literarily can take care of everything so that you can totally have hands off your shop. Good communication is of most importance for running a successful online business. This App is 100% trustworthy and can be a huge addition to your already successful Shopify store.

Beautyandbewell Cheeky Chic Fashion
11 meses usando la aplicación
11 de abril de 2022

Great company to work with who provide an excellent client manager with great English manner and a team of well trained logistics agents who work to order, fulfill and ship out goods. Unlike their competitors they even have the option to fully automate the purchasing -> handling -> sending altogether. Their app synchronizes seamlessly with Shopify and is an essential tool for my business!

Vintage Football Shop
Nueva Zelanda
11 meses usando la aplicación
24 de mayo de 2023

I was nervous to give away so much control to a third party app, but buckydrop has been amazing from the start! great support, got my own account manager etc, quick fulfillments and pretty easy to understand! would definitely recommend

10 meses usando la aplicación