Your 1-on-1 Dropshipping Partner, Agent & Investor from China!

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1-1 One-stop Private Partners

Tell us your goal, then sit back & relax! We’ll plan & handle your business perfectly, from sourcing, QC, shipping, running to growing!

Better Deal than AliExpress

We hand-curate AliExpress alternatives & winning products at better prices from Taobao, 1688 & top-tier factories to boost your profits!

Invest in Your Business&Dream

World’s ONLY! We’ll be your business partner & invest in your long-term success. No more worry in business funding, running, growing & more!

BuckyDrop 정보

Start and grow successful business for FREE today!

  • We’re world’s first and the only 1-on-1 private partner, agent, expert & investor you’ll need for winning dropshipping.

  • No upfront cost! No learning! No maintenance! You focus on your passion, leave all the hassle work to BuckyDrop!

Our world-class one-stop dropship solution is open to any merchant that’s aspired to succeed:

1/ Start & Run: Full-process 1-1 Private Partnership

Simply tell us your goal (or we set it together), then sit back and relax! Whether you’re just starting or already running a store, we’ll customize your pathway of success and make it real for you. Our 1-on-1 ecommerce expert team will be your most reliable partner and take good care of your entire business, from business planning, product sourcing, order fulfillment, shipping, branding to operation and marketing.

2/ Grow & Scale: Do Pro Dropshipping with Customized Solutions

Thinking about leveling up the game? Easily count on our experts to hit your next milestone! We offer almost all customization services you’ll need for pro dropshipping:

  • Boost your profits utilizing winning products and AliExpress alternatives at better prices! We carefully hand-curated products from Taobao, 1688, verified factory partners and any customized source you want.
  • Build your brands with customized packaging, private label, POD and OEM/ODM services;

  • Increase conversion rate with easier and more efficient store operation service including store analysis & design, product selection & listing, customer service and more;

  • Reach more customers with marketing-savvy experts via search engines (Google, Bing etc.), social medias (Facebook, TikTok etc.), influencers and more.

3/ Long-term Success: We Invest in Your Dream & Future

Your growth is our growth, so we’d like to invest in your business and dream for a win-win success. Don’t see us as a common service provider, think of us as your long-term business partner! Whether you’re short-handed, tight on money or need more tailored solutions, we’ll give you our unreserved support.

More of our services include:

  • Private and customized sourcing and purchasing service.

  • Trustworthy picture and video-based quality check.

  • Worry-free return, refund and exchange service.

  • 30-day free storage.

  • Customized and cost-effective global shipping options.

Let us be your long-term partner and help you start a winning business today! Feel free to contact our service support for more info.


  • Taobao,
  • Tmall,
  • 1688,
  • JD

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