We deliver time!


Home Delivery

A smart, fast and personal home delivery service. Because good things come to those who wait. But great things come with time well spent.

Tailor made

Deliver outside door, ring the door bell, knock on the door, specific time slots.. Tailor the delivery experience for your needs.


Follow your delivery in realtime. Get updates via SMS as soon as your packages moves and be up to date, always!

有關 Budbee

Improve your shopping experience

Your customer journey does not end at the check-out. We’re all about happy customers who gets their goodies delivered at an exact time in a way that fits them. A great delivery experience increases loyalty and order value. We understand that’s important to you.

Technology and innovation

We usually say that we’re as much a tech company as a logistics company, using our technical innovation to solve logistical challenges. This means we can offer a new kind of transparency, flexibility and control – both for you as well as your customers.

To your door

Budbee always delivers directly to your door at a convenient time and day that suits you! Also, you can make your delivery experience personal by changing the way your goodies should be delivered.

Keeping you inte the loop

Budbee will always keep you updated with the latest information about your delivery. We will send you a tracking link where you can follow the journey of your delivery live, almost like TV!

Being there for you

If any questions pop up or you just feel lonely, open the link sent to you and our crew is just one tap away!

How does it work?

  • Postal code validation in checkout. This means that Budbee will only be presented as a shipping option to consumers within our delivery area, no friction!
  • Print shipping labels directly from our app. Print just one or all of them at the same time!
  • Real time status updates. As soon as the package moves you will be updated in the order view!
  • Budbee widget. Show off your fast delivery directly on the product page.


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