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22 de enero de 2023

Horrible, I try to buy the plan and it tells me I need to accept the terms and conditions, I don't even see the terms to accept them, nowhere can I click to accept and it's stuck with nothing to do but uninstall and buy another decent app

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Alrededor de 1 hora
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) respondió 26 de enero de 2023

Thank you for your feedback and I'm sorry your experience with our app was not what you've expected. I tried to contact you several time to investigate the issue, but you never got back to us.
Our terms and conditions are always placed under the plan buttons that we have available in the Membership Plans section.
Could you please get back to us at so that we can check the issue at our end.

1 de septiembre de 2022

I have been reaching out to your team a few times now to get onto a call to answer my questions and no one from supprt answers me. the menue inst easy to use

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 6 días
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) respondió 1 de septiembre de 2022

I answered all the emails you sent us. Could you please get back to us at using a different email address as I don't think the one you're using is receiving our replies.

Fecha de modificación: 19 de abril de 2022

Very disappointing. If you are looking for a simple and quick solution to make a menu then choose a different app.
I have suffered from many bugs and the developers want to use workarounds to get the tool working. It's not tested! I wish I never installed it. Also, the mobile menu doesn't work. So if you expect customers to order on mobiles and tablets don't use it!!!!

Apparel Warehouse
Reino Unido
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 23 días
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) respondió 20 de abril de 2022

First off, I'm really sorry you feel so disappointed.
This is not the experience we want to deliver and we tried to make it right and sorted out the issue with the mobile menu and explained the situation. As I've already advised on my previous emails, for the mega menu to apply our app needs to find the following sequence of tags: ul, li, a . If this sequence is not available, our technical team can manually add the menu which they already did this and the mobile menu was working fine.
We do not use any workarounds and our app is constantly being tested to make sure it works correctly.
Again, I'm so sorry the experience with our app was not what you expected.

All the best,
Buddha Mega Menu and Navigation team

8 de enero de 2022

Clunky and time-consuming to use, and the price says $9.95 in the app store but when you try to upgrade within the app the price is $19.95! The most expensive mega menu app out there - and the most difficult to set up and use.

Reino Unido
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 1 día
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) respondió 11 de enero de 2022

We are very sorry that your experience with our app was not a great one. I checked at our end and the reason the app was showing the old price is because you had our app installed before and the system was picking up the old price, but we sorted it out by sending you a discount code so that you can use it at the actual price: $9.95. We apologise for this error.

As for the app being difficult to use, we have instructions and a short tutorial that show how to create the menu and also we are ready to provide all needed information and help via our chat service or email at

Fecha de modificación: 27 de abril de 2021

Caveat Emptor. The "Fully Customizable" feature claim is a bald-faced lie. The developer deliberately made this menu very difficult to style, by adding !important to all of the classes. Like, they built the menu, then went back and did everything they could to make it difficult to style. Very frustrating, but not insurmountable. Each time you edit the menu, the styles are reset, so make sure you have themekit installed with local copies. The breakpoints are not well-deisgned, kicking in at 749px (an iPad, of course, is 768 in portrait). Those can also be reset if you're comfortable with javascript, but again your changes will be overridden each time you modify the menu (like fixing a spelling error). There is no documentation. after first posting my review, the developer emailed me, begging me to remove it. I told them that if they could provide some documentation as to defining/resetting the breakpoint, I'd revise. The minute I took the review down, they changed their tune completely, and emailed me a terse response: "a few customers who want to make some design changes. But this is on their own. And we do not recommend this. Because our app was not built for this. ... But please keep in mind the most important thing: this is an app that needs to be used as it is. We do not recommend to modify it. Actually we even state this in Terms and conditions." Try Globo menu instead.

Aural Audio
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 13 minutos
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) respondió 4 de mayo de 2021

Hello! Please see below our answers:

- We did not begged you to remove the review, this is not true (have emails to prove it)

- We explained to you that the reason why we added !important was to make sure that our design changes can be applied to all the themes. Many themes will overwrite our styles if not used the !important. In order to make an app compatible with all the Shopify Themes we need to find solutions as general as possible. So, this is not a conspiracy on how to make life difficult for you.

- We also explained that you needed to create your own CSS file in order to solve the problem. You just didn't want to do it, even though this is the golden rule and all the developers respect it: when you want to modify an app, a code that it is not yours, you create your own files. There is not anything else we could have done to help you make the changes you wanted.

- You are chasing us for more than a month on all our channels and leave negative comments. On the app store, for example, you left us a 1 star review first from another store over a month ago, you closed that store and now you installed our app again on this new store only to leave this review. Your mind was already made up. You are just using programming terminology without a real backup and you don't want a communication with us or a solution. You just decided that we are bad.

We did try to help you in all the ways we could. We are sorry that our app was not a fit for you.

We really hope that you find what you are looking for with other apps. We wish you all the best!

Fecha de modificación: 14 de septiembre de 2020

This is not a good application for reliability , nor if you want to get in touch with their customer service. Its only by email, no way else to contact them. Their navigation goes down many times, disrupts the smoothness of your site. We do not recommend this application, to many risks. And then no one to get ahold of to take care of the problems. Not a good feeling. There is better out there, as we have now.

Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Más de 2 años
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) respondió 15 de septiembre de 2020

I am very sorry about the issue that occurred on 10th of September. I know as a business owner myself how crucial it is to make sure you don't have a downtime.

As we explained in each of the emails you sent us, the issue was caused by a change made by Shopify to the script tags which affected our app and other Apps on the app store. We weren't given a previous notice about this change so we could not prevent this.

We take responsibility for every one of our faults, but in this case we could not have prevented it. Also, it was 2 am at our end when the issue occurred and we were working like crazy to solve the issue. And we solved it quite rapidly (a few hours) considering the huge amount of customers. So I think this speaks a lot about our customer service and our commitment.

I just want to mention that I searched through our emails and I saw that you had our app installed for 2 years and 9 months in which time you only contacted us once saying that the menu was not working ok, we sent you a reply with screenshots showing that was displaying perfectly and no response after from you. Also on 10th of September 2020 we replied to all 5 of your emails and we received no answer.

Indeed we are offering support only via email but it is a great support. Our
reply time is very short and we always come back with a solution. Again, if my colleagues leaving their children in the middle of the night to solve a customers problem is not a good support, then I do not know what it is.

My reply might seem a bit personal and honestly it is. Because we put our heart and soul in this. And at least my colleagues amazing work should be taken into account.

Again I am sorry about the downtime, no merchant should have experienced this and I wish you all the best in the future.


10 de septiembre de 2020

Removed the drop down menus from website after the longest time with no issue very disappointing!!!!

Luther Lather Shaving Creamery
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Alrededor de 1 año
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) respondió 15 de septiembre de 2020

I am very sorry about this, your business should not have been affected like this.

As we explained in the emails, a sudden change made by Shopify into it's script tags removed our app from your store. Also this happened to other apps from the App Store. Since we did not have any prior notice, we could not prevent this.

Again, I understand how frustrating something like this can be. But what I would liken to add is that this happened during night at our end when our office was closed. And still at 2 am we were working like crazy to sort this out. And we solved this in a matter of a few hours.

And as you mentioned this is a first time issue. And this is so rare for us, our app is very stable.

I hope you will take all this into account and consider changing the review.

I wish you all the best!


24 de marzo de 2020

This app was slowing down our site. Upon uninstalling it our site load speed went from 26s to 6-7s. Yet deleting the app still leaves behind little scripts in the snippets and assets folder (buddha-megamenu.liquid, buddha-megamenu-before.liquid, buddha-megamenu-wireframe.liquid, buddha-megamenu.css, and buddha-megamenu.js.liquid). If you delete them, your site gets a warning at the top of the storefront. If I delete an app for whatever reason there should be absolutely no reason as to why there are leftover scripts. It was working well when we were using it, we just outgrew its purpose. So until I get a resolution as to how to delete the app completely, this stays a 1 star

E-Juice Steals
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 3 meses
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) respondió 7 de abril de 2020

Hello! We wrote you several messages but unfortunately we received no reply from you.
So I will try to reply here:
- Our app is very well optimised and should not slow down your store. From our experience this happens when the menu created is a huge one. Usually our menu loading time is between 120 - 200 milliseconds which is very little for such an app. Feel free to check our demo store's menu to see it for yourself. It is a decent menu with enough pictures and items and the loading time is very good. However if the menu created is a very big one, or if the pictures used are very big and many of them, then this doesn't depend on us but on the use of the app.
- When you uninstalled our app our connection to your store through Shopify was interrupted so we cannot delete the remaining code. Unfortunately this is a limitation that we are still looking a solution for. However, we could have helped you to delete all the code if you would have told us. We even sent you the instructions into the emails and as I mentioned we didn't receive any answer.
- The problem that appeared with the message on the front store was exactly because you deleted our apps code but not all of it, hence the error. As we mention in our Terms and Conditions also, we strongly recommend not to change or modify our apps code, especially for these kind of situations.

We would have been more than happy to help you with all this. We didn't receive any message from you to know that you needed our help. I am sorry that using our app hasn't been a better experience for you, but as showed above the problems seemed to appear due to the inappropriate use of the app.

As you can see in the other clients reviews we are always happy to help our customers with their requests. I hope you reconsider the review you left to us.

Thank you!

1 de diciembre de 2019

dont works reviews seem fake...need a password to edit but woulndt work with right passwort tho so seems like scam

Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Alrededor de 1 hora
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) respondió 5 de diciembre de 2019

I am sorry to hear you encountered an issue with our app. I should mention that in the Preview page you should enter the Front End password of your store (the one you find in your Store Admin - Online Store - Preferences), not your Shopify account password.

Also, my colleagues have tried to reach you by email so they can help you with this and we didn't receive any reply.

As for saying that our reviews are fake, you should know that the Shopify system does not allow to put fake reviews to apps. They have a very good system which prevents this. Also if any app developer would find a way to put fake reviews, he is caught and he risks being removed from the App Store, which is a risk I do not think anyone could take it.

Moreover, if you look at the other reviews we received you will see that those are genuine stores and I find it unfair to say that our customers who actually took their time to write a review are not real Shopify users.

I hope you will reconsider your review and if you still want to use our app please reach us at I am sure our team will be able to walk you through on how to add the menu to your store.

Thank you!

21 de octubre de 2019

Horrible application. Slowed my site down. It destroyed my site, now I can not get rid of it even after removing it. Now it shows error on my page when I am opening my site. STAY AWAY

Majdas Art
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 35 minutos
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) respondió 1 de noviembre de 2019

I am very sorry that using our app wasn't the best experience for you.

Our support team unfortunately never received an email from you, we could have advised you on the issue. Also, we contacted you right after you left us the review, and we didn't yet receive any answer.

We did look into your store to see if any error from our app appeared and none was present.

We tried our best to offer you support and see where the issue comes from, but if we don't receive any answer from you, our hands are tied.

If you ever reconsider this, please reach us at and our support team will do it's best to help you.
Have a great day!