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29 maart 2019

I tried this App and had a couple issues which happens, i was hoping to get them sorted out so I contacted support twice but no reply...
I have since found a cheaper and better Menu App

Mushroom Catering
5 dagen gebruiken de app
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) heeft geantwoord 29 maart 2019

We are sorry you didn't have the best experience with us.

We looked through all our emails and all we could find is an email from 24th of March to which we replied but we didn't receive any response back. We did reply to the same email address you contacted us from.

Also one colleague of mine reached you again this morning via email. We also tried to find a new contact email on your website, in case ours got lost on the email you contacted us from, but we didn't find any contact form.

We take our job very seriously and we always reply to all of our clients as soon as possible.
We are eager also to help you create the best menu for your website. So if you are still willing could you please double check if maybe our email got lost in spam, as we learned that sometimes this happens? You can reach us anytime at
Thank you and hope to get this sorted as soon as possible!

7 december 2021

I have not had the chance to use the the app but will do so in the coming days or sooner than two weeks.I cannot rate the app at this time so I will start at 3

Hopeford Streams
3 dagen gebruiken de app
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) heeft geantwoord 13 december 2021

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We are looking forward to a review update once you reinstall the app back and use it for longer time.
Meanwhile, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our support chat or email at, if you need any help.

We are here for you anytime!

13 maart 2018

So far so good.

But I am having a issue now where only the most recent collection shows up as a menu option in the menu builder.

The Hooded Goblin
Ongeveer 18 uur gebruiken de app
23 december 2016

It's a cool app but it is not worth $239.4 per year.

7 minuten gebruiken de app