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19 september 2019

WTF with the price LOL 20$ /month for have only a menu ? And fees of other APP + Shopify + .... ?
Good APP but the price is very very expensive.

Poupee Sex Doll Silicone
32 minuter användning av appen
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) svarade 20 september 2019


I totally understand how difficult it is to start a new business and how the fees ad up making everything harder.

I would like to mention that we also have other 2 plans, a 9.95$ and a Free for life plan. We were the first on the market (2016) to offer a mega menu free and we did this because we wanted everyone to have a mega menu.

So we think that we offer the best we can for every budget.

As for the price of 20$, we have worked very hard and we have invested a lot in creating this app. Also, this is not an app created and left aside. We still work daily to improve our app and to offer our clients the best service we can. As you can imagine, we have a team working on it, and we need to make sure their work is payed for. 

I really hope you understand and reconsider the review.

Have a lovely day!

Redigerat 27 april 2021

Caveat Emptor. The "Fully Customizable" feature claim is a bald-faced lie. The developer deliberately made this menu very difficult to style, by adding !important to all of the classes. Like, they built the menu, then went back and did everything they could to make it difficult to style. Very frustrating, but not insurmountable. Each time you edit the menu, the styles are reset, so make sure you have themekit installed with local copies. The breakpoints are not well-deisgned, kicking in at 749px (an iPad, of course, is 768 in portrait). Those can also be reset if you're comfortable with javascript, but again your changes will be overridden each time you modify the menu (like fixing a spelling error). There is no documentation. after first posting my review, the developer emailed me, begging me to remove it. I told them that if they could provide some documentation as to defining/resetting the breakpoint, I'd revise. The minute I took the review down, they changed their tune completely, and emailed me a terse response: "a few customers who want to make some design changes. But this is on their own. And we do not recommend this. Because our app was not built for this. ... But please keep in mind the most important thing: this is an app that needs to be used as it is. We do not recommend to modify it. Actually we even state this in Terms and conditions." Try Globo menu instead.

Aural Audio
13 minuter användning av appen
Buddha Apps (Zero Carbon) svarade 4 maj 2021

Hello! Please see below our answers:

- We did not begged you to remove the review, this is not true (have emails to prove it)

- We explained to you that the reason why we added !important was to make sure that our design changes can be applied to all the themes. Many themes will overwrite our styles if not used the !important. In order to make an app compatible with all the Shopify Themes we need to find solutions as general as possible. So, this is not a conspiracy on how to make life difficult for you.

- We also explained that you needed to create your own CSS file in order to solve the problem. You just didn't want to do it, even though this is the golden rule and all the developers respect it: when you want to modify an app, a code that it is not yours, you create your own files. There is not anything else we could have done to help you make the changes you wanted.

- You are chasing us for more than a month on all our channels and leave negative comments. On the app store, for example, you left us a 1 star review first from another store over a month ago, you closed that store and now you installed our app again on this new store only to leave this review. Your mind was already made up. You are just using programming terminology without a real backup and you don't want a communication with us or a solution. You just decided that we are bad.

We did try to help you in all the ways we could. We are sorry that our app was not a fit for you.

We really hope that you find what you are looking for with other apps. We wish you all the best!

22 november 2017

what is up with the redirects and the app crashing?

Pauls Vault
11 minuter användning av appen
23 december 2016

It's a cool app but it is not worth $239.4 per year.

7 minuter användning av appen
22 november 2017

I wish I could try it but I keep getting an error saying there are too many redirects. It won't load. Disappointed.

Dressmedaddy Com
4 minuter användning av appen
31 mars 2017

If you have a product with multiple variants, do not use this. It did not allow my customers to add other variants to cart except for the 1st one in the order. Not recommended. After I uninstalled, the code was still left in my theme resulting in me having to pay someone to find the issue and remove it for me.

4 minuter användning av appen
24 augusti 2016

Installed the app and was easy to setup, links didn't work so I clicked the do it for me button, got an email back super quick and it worked, had to do nothing but the setup! Works well and excited to see what features they add in as time goes on!

8 november 2017

Super easy and intuitive menu builder. Works like a charm!

20 december 2017

Great app. Would definitely recommend it

Fine Fenders
20 december 2017

Love this app! Recommend it all the time. This could change the whole user experience for your customers.

Weave Got It Canada