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22 oktober 2023

I don't understand why, I need to pay for a product to ship it, if the customer already paid for it...

Explain this to me.

3 månader användning av appen
Buddify svarade 24 oktober 2023

Dear Kodrica,

Thank you for your review. If you have further inquiries, you're always welcome to reach out via our contact form on our website or directly at support@buddify.app, and we'll be happy to guide you.

To address your current question, let me elucidate how Buddify operates, which I believe will provide clarity:

It seems you've imported a product from a partner brand and sold it to your end customer. When you import from a partner brand through Buddify, you're granted a minimum of a 25% discount. Let's use an illustrative example:

Suppose you import a product with a retail price of $100. The shipping fee set by the original supplier brand (who will handle shipping to the customer) might be $5. With the 25% discount, your cost becomes $75. If you opt to sell the product at $100 (you're free to set your own pricing) and add a $3 shipping fee, you'll receive $103 from your customer. Out of this, $3 is for shipping. However, as the supplier brand is in charge of shipping the product, you'd still need to cover their shipping cost. When you complete the transaction via the Buddify-generated checkout on the partner brand's store, you'd pay the discounted price of $75 + the supplier's shipping fee of $5, totaling $80. Essentially, the shipping fee collected from your customer is passed on to the supplier brand. Nonetheless, you have the flexibility to incorporate the shipping fee into your product price or adjust the fee structure to your liking. Importantly, you only purchase the product from the supplier after it's been sold to your customer.

On the Store Page, under the "Supplier Data" section of the feed, you'll find details about the local shipping price, each brand's shipping policy, and a button to test real-time shipping costs. This ensures you have comprehensive information about the Supplier Brand's shipping policies and individual product shipping prices.

Our Help Center is filled with comprehensive articles that shed light on various scenarios, including how to optimize shipping fees and pricing for maximum profit.

I hope this provides a clearer picture for you. Should you have any more queries, please reach out to the email provided earlier.

We truly value your participation in Buddify and appreciate your contribution to our growing community!

Warm regards.