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Build Custom Product Pages, Collection Pages, Blogs & Sections

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Works With Any Theme.

Import your current pages, use our templates, or start from scratch to quickly bring your ideas to life.

Build Anything, Easily.

This isn't just a page builder. Our powerful visual editor lets you drag-and-drop to create and customize anything, from header to footer.

Don't Just Build. Grow.

Target content at specific audiences, and see analytics and heat maps of how visitors are engaging with and buying from your content.

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Spend less. Move faster. Do more. Earn more.

Install Builder Theme Studio for a 14-day trial and leverage the same technology that powers ecommerce experiences for leading brands, like Everlane, Vistaprint, Alo Yoga, and more, to grow your business.

Let marketers, designers, product managers, and store owners build! Turn development and content release cycles from weeks to minutes and increase your conversions faster.

Our drag-and-drop visual editor allows anyone to build and modify any aspect of their storefront, and includes powerful tools, like targeting and A/B testing, to optimize every aspect of the shopping funnel.

Endless customization, endless possibilities.

  • All the building blocks you need - drag-and-drop it all, including text, images, videos, columns, carousels, tabs, accordions, products, collections, add-to-carts, and so much more.
  • Make it your own - completely customize the look and feel of your content across all device types and make your content come alive with animations.
  • Build for the entire customer journey - supports all your theme pages (Homepage, Collection Pages, Product Pages, Blog Pages, Blog Article Pages, Login Pages, Signup Pages, Cart Pages). And you can create custom pages for any Landing Pages, Promotion Pages, About Us Pages, or anything else.
  • Add dropzones anywhere - dropzones let you use Builder's drag-and-drop editor to build and optimize parts or sections of your store

Tons of apps, all out-of-the-box.

Stop installing an endless number of apps. Theme Studio comes with so much power and so many capabilities, you'll be able to uninstall apps that needlessly slow down your storefront and only keep the ones providing real value. Theme Studio can replace: * Page Builders * Form Builders * Announcement Bars * Shipping Bars * Instagram Widgets * Segmentation and Personalization * Analytics and Heat maps * SEO and Image Optimization

Optimize and iterate with testing and targeting.

Perform unlimited A/B tests to understand how content changes impact funnel performance. And target content at specific customer segments, like new vs returning visitor, order history, and much more.

Measure and quantify the impact of your efforts.

Theme Studio's analytics suite comes with site, page, and content-level insights, as well as heat maps that show both engagement and $ impact on conversion.

Developers and Agencies love Builder too.

While no coding is required to build and optimize with Theme Studio, code can make the product completely extensible allowing you to truly build and do anything. We also provide developers (and admins) with complete control over what can be built, how it can be built, and how it gets published to your store to ensure rules are followed and everyone is happy. :)

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  • React,
  • Gatsby,
  • Angular,
  • Next.js,
  • Vue

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$80 par mois

$20 per additional user, $5 per additional 10k monthly page views

  • 4 Users
  • 250k monthly page views
  • Unlimited pages & sections
  • Scheduling
  • Analytics
  • Basic targeting (products, collections)
  • Standard support


$160 par mois

$40 per additional user, $5 per additional 10k monthly page views

  • 4 Users
  • 500k monthly page views
  • All Basic Features, plus:
  • Advanced targeting (customers, cart, custom)
  • A/B testing
  • Heatmaps
  • Priority support

* Tous les frais sont facturés en USD. Les frais récurrents, y compris les frais mensuels ou les frais d'utilisation, sont facturés tous les 30 jours.

4.8 de 5 étoiles

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Buddy + Co

Builder is one of the easiest content creation tools I have used & with Its ability to create simple content to completely custom content makes It an easy one-stop-shop.


Builder is an incredible design and development tool that has everything you need to create an amazing website and shop. I would recommend using builder on Shopify if you are looking to create an overall experience for buyers and vistors that is well beyond what you would even find in something like squarespace or wix. It is extremely versatile. Listing the things that it has enabled us to do without hiring developers would take up too much space in this review. There are things I would consider flaws.. they are constantly updating the app (which is great but things move around a lot which can be frustrating). Also, the pricing is a little steep but we did save money switching to builder because we got rid of 6 or 7 apps we did not need anymore. Customer service is the best. We have brought up issues that actually got features added or things fixed within the builder - which is impressive. If there is something you want to do on your store design or development wise and want to try accomplishing it on your own, it is very likely builder will enable you to do it. It is also a great experience for developers to work on if you need help. Truthfully this is functionality Shopify should just have built in and it is unfortunate that they do not. 5/5

My Little Mascara Club

I'm SO HAPPY with this app! I literally tell all my founder friends in Shopify Facebook groups to get it now - not for referral credits or anything, just because it's such a lifesaver! I had tried GemPages, Pagefly, Shogun, you name it. I can from the worlds of WordPress and Webflow so I felt like I got zapped back to 2003 when I tried to build cool things in Shopify. Shogun was the closest but still felt restrictive. And, the cost grows so quickly if you are not a small store. With I can very quickly and easily spin up super custom landing pages and have changed our entire web presence in ways that give customers a better experience + improve conversions. Plus, it has very sophisticated features like on-page a/b testing, personalization, and heatmaps. As I've built I've run into a few bugs (they are a solid platform but newer to the Shopify ecosystem) but their customer service team is incredibly friendly and helpful. This is literally my favorite Shopify app, and something that the Shopify ecosystem has needed for a long time.