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Data de edição: 20 de fevereiro de 2021

There should be 6 stars for this app & support. I keep having a smile on my face when using it. You're in full control of every detail on your Shopify page, all nicely responsive, in the most direct and intuitive way, with a wealth of state of the art widgets. All seamlessly integrated too with a multilingual app (LangShop) if you would need it. A perfect marriage. Hands down the Holy Grail of page editing and I've seen the best.
UPGRADE: Since Buildify was sold by Langshop to this company, my site has been unable to be edited correctly for almost a year now. On every Buildify upgrade I need to spend a day with developers to make all content show up again correctly in translations. Lost thousands on this issue... Now Langshop (translations) and Buildify (Aheadworks) do not talk to each and leaving the shop owner hanging. Must say that Langshop still does a good job to assist with patching up, but that's all it is. Not a professional solution at all.
Hope I can re-upgrade this review soon since the potential is there...

Aarding Org
Mais de 3 anos usando o app
18 de agosto de 2020

this app is trash, it takes forever to load when trying to edit, it never responds to commands and always lags. Recently its load time takes forever and I can't even customize the Add to cart button. It's really unresponsive, don't waste your money on this as I did.

I once enjoyed this app but now ive never disliked it more. If it works on your
first try its a saint, but once it starts acting up you'll find anger you never knew you had.

I once spent 2 hours working just to only be able to edit one paragraph of a product description because it kept lagging, took forever to load, and was unresponsive. I had to refresh my work every time which made me start from scratch again.

Aproximadamente 2 anos usando o app
Aheadworks deixou uma resposta 21 de agosto de 2020

Hello, TokyoEnt.
Sorry you have experienced troubles with the app speed.
The problem could be caused by lagging of Shopify itself, sometimes this happens.
Nevertheless, our developers are trying their best to optimize the app and make it work faster even for stores with really rich content.

4 de janeiro de 2022

I really want to use this app because it has the best selection of dynamic tools.
However, I cannot publish a landing page and the Buildify code corrupts my existing templates.
So sad. The app has so much promise. But it just isn't functional.

Celtic Art Store by Ravensdaughter
Estados Unidos
18 dias usando o app
Aheadworks deixou uma resposta 6 de abril de 2022

Hello Celtic Art Store Team!
We are sincerely sorry for the case that happened.
I hope one day you'll give us another shot and we'll be glad to solve the problems you've met with our app.
Best regards,
Buildify Team.

30 de novembro de 2021

Hi guys, your app is the worst. It has all of my product images no longer showing on product page after install. Whats up with that

Deborah's Fashions
Aproximadamente 19 horas usando o app
Aheadworks deixou uma resposta 25 de dezembro de 2021

Hello Deborah's Fashions Team,

I'm truly sorry to hear that such inconvenience has happened to you.
As we've figured out, the reason for such behavior was that the app was uninstalled without removing assets in the first place which caused product images not showing on website.

But I'm glad that the issue has been resolved.
Should any other questions occur- you can always refer to out support team,

Best regards,
Buildify Team

26 de julho de 2019

The app completely erased my original website after deleting it!! :( All that's left is the main and footer menu! So if you want to try it: make sure you make a copy of your theme before adding this app.

I didn't like the app, it works inside your shopify interface, so everything is really small and you can't see what the desktop version will look like in real-life, because it's sqeezed in. Also way more complicated to use compared to other page building apps I've tried. Price is awesome tho.

NOMADIA - The World Map Watch
Países Baixos
19 minutos usando o app
Aheadworks deixou uma resposta 26 de julho de 2019

Hello! We are sorry to hear that you had negative experience with the app. Please be sure that Buildify doesn't delete any content or doesn't make any changes to the theme that can't be undone. You can also switch between your theme's home page and Buildify home page by going to Buildify -> Home Page -> click on the 'Buildify mode' switcher.
If you need any help with the app, please contact us at support@buildify.shop or via https://buildify.shop/ website by filling the contact form or via live chat by clicking the live chat icon.

Data de edição: 30 de abril de 2020

app crashed my homepage. I thought it would be like elementor but for shopify which unfortunately was not the case. yes they have a lot of the same features but buildify is NOT THE SAME AS ELEMENTOR. I uninstalled the app as I didn't like it now my entire homescreen looked and I did not like the usability.
After uninstalling it my homepage crashed and looked terirble ( I mean terrible). There is no fixing it and have been talking to shopify support for over an hour almost. They have been great but I do not recommend buildify at all.The idea of buidlify is great but The way it is right now ( april 30th 2020) it is not what I think it could be or what It should be.

Free Riding Neckropes
Países Baixos
17 minutos usando o app
Aheadworks deixou uma resposta 1 de maio de 2020

Hello. We are sorry to hear that you didn't get the expected result from the app. Please let me highlight that Buildify doesn't remove or break into your theme's home page. It only allows switching between 2 modes for the home page: Buildify mode and theme mode. This is controlled in Buildify -> Homepage -> click on the 'mode' toggle. If you need our assistance with configuring that, please reply to us at support@buildify.shop or contact us via Live Chat.

21 de novembro de 2021

When you unistall the app, buildfy leave their leftovers in your website code.
If you delete the files, your website lose everything. Also, their support never answered for full unistall guide.

6 minutos usando o app
Aheadworks deixou uma resposta 29 de novembro de 2021

I'm sorry that we haven't helped in time.
In order to remove the Buildify code, the app assets should be uninstalled first. Then the app can be deleted from your store and no leftovers would be stored in the theme code.

Currently, the code has already been removed from your store and I hope that the issue is exhausted ;)
If any other questions occur, please contact us again.
We'll try our best to help.

Thank you and have a great day.

Best regards,
Buildify Team.