Bulk Products Discount

Bulk Products Discount

by Dynamic Dreamz

Create Bulk discount based on product title, sku or vendor.

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6 reviews

Emerald Winterwood

I tried to use this app to discount a collection of approx. 20 products and it did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I waited awhile, and still nothing!


I don't understand why it's called bulk discount. It does make discounts, but it applies to every product without a threshold minimum, so it's just "discount" not bulk.

Kids Threads and Trends

Needs more work. Didn't do what it should have and also changed the existing prices to 4 times more expensive.

Binf Hair

bad bad !!! can't use that and can't remove from website,never use that again ,please noticed noticed


First off the app does not open more than about an inch and I have to scroll to slowly see everything which makes it hard to choose any options and set up sales. When I did set up two test sales on two different collections it only applied one of them, no matter how many times I tried to unapply and reapply it. And the one sale that it did do, it didn't put on properly. Instead of applying the sale to every item in the collection it instead changed the price back to the original suggested price on two items every single time (specifically the two items on the very bottom middle of the page, so it's some kind of glitch.)
I really like the idea of this app, it's one of only two apps like this, one of which costs $20 a month, so if the glitches are all worked out this would be a very good app to have. But for now it looks like I'm going to have to pay for the other one.

Tease Clothing

This app doesn't seem to be fully developed or tested before launching. One major issues I had was with the collection feature - it doesn't show you the all your collections... and it did not allow me to search. I found a loophole to get around this issue... I went in and changed all the "Vendor" tags to the percentage discounts I wanted (40%, 50%, and 60%). I cannot find any similar apps and if this app could be revised, it has so much potential.