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27. Februar 2024

Receiving payment reminders even without using the app.

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Webyze hat geantwortet 28. Februar 2024

Shopify automatically charges you if you leave apps installed. In your case, you only uninstalled the app after the trial period which is why Shopify billed your credit card.
When you emailed us, we told you that as a figure of good faith, we have sent you a app credits that you can use to make that payment and get that first month of usage for free.

Let us know if there is something more that we can do.

Webyze Support

5. August 2015

Terrible. The app couldn't change my data because there were 'too many records' (according to app developer). Not only was it unable to edit my product records successfully but in the process it also LOST ALL MY PRODUCT VARIANT PHOTOS, which means days of work putting this data back. Oh, and they are charging me for this.

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5 tage mit der App
19. Mai 2017

Total hot mess! If you don't want ALL of the prices on your website to be messed up, don't even try this app and their customer service is super slow, I sent an email to get help asap and got a useless answer 2 days later after it took me nearly 20 hours to edit all of the products prices, even shopify support sent them a support ticket and it's 4 days after and they still haven't replied.

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30. September 2018

such a terrible app holy, if u dont wanna get your store in a mess, stay away, $26 a month.... whatta joke

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17. Oktober 2016

I wanted to remove all but one variant from a range of products but this proved to be slower than using the shopify interface. Having to go through scores of products, each with dozens of variants and physically tick each variant - waste of $26 - can do this for free and quicker with spreadsheet

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