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3 september 2022

Great application but as they put an expensive plan we cannot enjoy it as we wish. Merchant use severals app AND THEY USE TO FORGET WE PAY ALL OF THEM ! think about it

Paris Deluxe
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een jaar
22 maart 2022

Great app so far. Just downloaded so not sure what to expect in the end. Excited to see how my store may benefit from it.

Blazing Beauty Ave
Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende 9 dagen
4 mei 2021

I hate rating apps when I barely have a chance to use them but so far it seems to be what I need. now im trying to hit the 100 charachter min.

Skin So Clean co.
Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende 17 dagen
8 februari 2021

I needed to reduce image sizes to optimize my site speed. Unfortunately, and despite many personal recommendations, this app has not been helping anything according to the Shopify site speed report. I haven't added anything new in the meantime so I'm not sure why it has not helped. It might be just my site. Support was helpful in the way that they offered me a refund so I'm happy with that. Although, would have loved to get more help in how to use the app and actually succeed with my initial goal of optimizing my site speed.

Los Colores de la Tierra
App gebruikt gedurende 10 dagen
22 november 2020

Uso esta aplicación para optimizar mi tienda online, mejora el SEO y la página va más rápida. Ahorro tiempo

App gebruikt gedurende 3 dagen
30 augustus 2020

keeps asking me to review, that's very annoying, that leaves bad taste in my mouth. otherwise it gets a 4 star

App gebruikt gedurende 7 maanden
Bewerkt 12 augustus 2020

I am using this app to improve my store and I hope you can upgrade for a cheaper version and more available

Family Exalter Store
App gebruikt gedurende Bijna 2 jaar
Bewerkt 23 juli 2020

Quite practical app, 2 things though, there is not possibility to filter and remove the in title for the alt. And more important think twice before editing images. I had images that were ranks first since few months, i just compressed it and they lost their positions...

Ambiance Cosy
App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan een jaar
20 januari 2020

I wasn’t sure I was using the app correctly. I assumed I would have to write all the alt in manually on a dashboard

Verenigd Koninkrijk
App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan 3 jaar
Bewerkt 15 november 2019

App helped me to do mass editing which saved me alot of hours and frustration. Does what it needs to do.

Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende 11 maanden