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Bulk Order Page

Bulk Order Page

Developed by Unicycle Labs

8 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Instantly add a single-page bulk order form to your store
  • Customers can quickly add products by searching by name, attributes, or SKU
  • No manual setup or template edits required

As a free app, we're unable offer support for the Bulk Order Page app at this time.

Bulk Order Page

The Bulk Order Page app adds a new page to your store that lets customers quickly place large orders. For repeat or wholesale customers, navigating to dozens of individual product pages can be cumbersome and inefficient, particularly if they are already familiar with your product catalog.

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With the Bulk Order Page, customers can search for products by name, attribute, or SKU, and add any number of line items without ever having to leave the page. Customers then proceed through the normal checkout flow.

This is especially useful for products with multiple variants (e.g. Small, Medium, Large). Customers can search for one variant and then expand to show all related variants for the given product, allowing them to rapidly add items for all sizes and variations.

The Bulk Order Page is ideal for stores that serve wholesale customers or repeat customers that place large, frequent orders.

The Bulk Order Page requires no manual setup -- you do not need to edit your theme or Liquid templates to configure this. It is compatible with all of the theme store's free templates and most premium templates. With a one-click installation you will have the Bulk Order Page hosted on your store. You can then send the url to your customers directly or add a link to it from your store's navigation bar or any appropriate part of your site.

This app works as a standalone product, but is designed to complement
WholeSell. WholeSell lets you easily
open a Shopify storefront dedicated to your wholesale customers, then provides the features to easily and efficiently run your wholesale business. Sync inventory and product information between your retail and wholesale Shopify stores. Collect payment information upfront, then bill customers at Net-30 or at ship time. Send invoices and order collection emails, reducing the amount of time required on the phone. WholeSell is available with a free 30-day trial.

Learn more about WholeSell


Installing the Bulk Order Page app simply adds a Page to the Pages section of your Shopify. You're free to edit the html of that page and add any desired customizations.

Bulk Order Page reviews

8 reviews
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Cool concept, Needs more customization + a list of products to choose from.


Thank you very much
10 stars from some one who know how to Apriciate good usefully clean mobile friendly wholesale cart


Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks


Great app. Works well. Looks great. Easy to setup. https://www.kinkytoy.store


This is a nice little app. It does what it says it does on a nice ordering page.

Unfortunately, if you happen to customize the page at all, and then happen to click on the app in your admin, it re-installs the app and writes over all of your work with no way to get the changes back (no query is made whether to reinstall, and pages aren't backed up before rewriting).


Simple, clean app. So far so good!


installed this app, sometimes it works sometimes it does not, please fix this soon, it it a great concept. thanks products do not get added to the cart.


App just installed and tests are ongoing
So far so good!



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