The Refunder

The Refunder

par Noctivity Inc

Refund multiple orders at once with ease.

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Refund Multiple Orders at Once

Product out of stock or a no show? Need to refund all who bought it? Select them all from the orders screen, click refund orders and done.

Simple To Use

Shopify forces you to refund one-by-one. Bulk Refunds lets you select as many orders as you need, click a button and they're all refunded.

Easy Refund Options

Bulk refund lets you choose to restock items, refund shipping and even notify all selected customers, just like doing them one at a time.

À propos de The Refunder

They always say that the best solutions are designed because they solve a problem. Bulk Refund was created because of a very simple, very annoying problem - the inability to refund more than one person at a time in Shopify.

The Missing Feature

The other month we ran out of a product that about fifty customers ordered. While this was frustrating onto itself, what happened next was befuddling and led to many customer support chats and emails (and eventually this app!).

We searched on the order screens for everyone who bought that product, selected them all with the checkboxes, and clicked More Actions _expecting_ to see an option to issue a refund. To our amazement - nothing!

We contacted Shopify and they explained that we would need to do every refund one by one. Let me repeat that...

Shopify forces you to issue order refunds one at a time!

Yes you heard that right. So if you need to refund a group of people, or even just three people, you need to go into their order, click refund, select the same options over and over, then click refund, and do it again and again.

After 45 minutes of this I decided - we need an app for this. And Bulk Refunds was born.

Refund Multiple Orders At Once

This is a super simple and useful app.

  1. Go to the orders screen and select all the orders you need to refund
  2. Click More Actions > Refund Orders
  3. Select if you want to restock the items, refund shipping, notify customers and add an internal note. What you select will apply to all orders and you only need to do it once!
  4. Click save.
  5. That's it! Bulk Refunds will refund every order quickly and easily.

Try It. You'll Wonder Why It's Not Included

We want you to understand how much of a time saver this is for any store that has ever had to refund more than one order at a time.

If you're looking to save time to focus on your business and not on simple, repetitive and annoying tasks, Bulk Refunds should be in your toolkit.

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Free Trial


  • Bulk refund up to 10 orders
  • Restock items
  • Refund shipping costs
  • Notify customers by email
  • Add an internal note

Unlimited Plan

$5.99 par mois

  • Bulk refund an unlimited number of orders
  • Restock items
  • Refund shipping costs
  • Notify customers by email
  • Add an internal note

* Tous les frais sont facturés en USD.
** Les frais récurrents, y compris les frais mensuels ou les frais d'utilisation, sont facturés tous les 30 jours.

2.8 de 5 étoiles

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Added app - DID NOT WORK WHATSOEVER. Requested support and received nothing. Pretty garbage - Shopify should take this down.

Réponse du développeur

7 mars 2021

Sorry it did not work for you. I didn't see a support request but I will check again. Send me another note and I will see what I can do

Frankie's Comics

We had a customer who used a "bot" to make 188 orders over a 3 minute period. This app allowed us to quickly refund all the orders with just a few clicks. Very easy to use.


awesome for bulk refunds, however there is no partial refund option which is a huge bummer. I would love to be able to just refund the taxes my customers paid.
to respond to developer: yes just like that! The check boxes that allow you to refund the item, or the shipping are perfect. An addition for the taxes specifically would really help me out! As Shopify does track the taxes charged per order - I am imagining there is someway to connect that information?

Réponse du développeur

27 janvier 2021

Sorry about that but how would that work exactly since every product has a different price? Can you explain the functionality so we can look into it? Right now we mirror exactly what Shopify does when you do a refund. Do you envision selecting all the orders and then instead of entering an amount you would check a box to refund JUST taxes, or JUST shipping or something like that? Thanks for the feedback.