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hmm. Im still looking for a proper product editor.
all we get from shopify and oberlo is junk.
I feel like Im the slave on their fancy boat,
tagging/filtering/sorting manually.

well... this app suppose to reduce manual work... well... sort off.
its unbelievable how much crap we get in the description of a product,
and with this Bulk product edit, it does make it just a tiny bit easier , but defenitly not worth the money, unless it falls right into your style of managing your product.

i found out that after using all the filters i still get products i wanna get off the list,
and it doesnt let me do it manually . (well, i dont realy manuals, so maybe there is some magic button, which i dont know, but hmm as long as it not obvious - it a fault interface/work flow design .

oh and the collections doesnt update,when you add a collection. yay.

can any1 do a proper product editor please please please please ???

Golf King Shop
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very easy to use but it's expensive if you need to edit a lot of things

Del Valle Accessory
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My store is for fashion trends and a bulk editor can be very useful. I was using the basic price ($19.99). This app overall is pretty descent but could use a better description tool so you can edit fonts better for bulk edits.

Threadz Depot
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Works really well for changing bulk prices, but at $1 per edit (limited to 5 a month) I don't really see it as being worth it.

Devons Emporium
使用應用程式 27分鐘

Asked to write review before I could see results.So I give three stars. After being able to check I found (no surprise) it updated the db perfectly. So to be fair the review is now five stars.

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