Bulk Order ‑ Similar Products

Bulk Order ‑ Similar Products

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Add multiple quantities of product's variations into the cart.

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Boost Bulk Order Sales

Empower your customers to add multi-variants of products in bulk to their carts in seconds.


Get maximum conversions from where most of your customers are.

Easy & Quick Installation

Install and configure the app in minutes, let customers see variants listing on a single page.

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Variants Bulk Add-to-Cart | Faster Conversions | Happier Clients

A modern, easy-to-install and powerful app that allows your customers to bulk order by choosing multiple variants in just one click. Your leads will turn into conversions with this time-saving feature that will allow multi-variants of products to be added to the cart. Time is money, after all.

What's New?

  • Set minimum and maximum bulk wholesale order quantities with a dynamic error message based on the current store language.
  • Variants listing with default and specific locations on the product page.
  • Show or hide the variant name or only show the variant labels (like XL, XLL instead of T-Shirt XL).
  • Show or hide labels used in the frontend widget.

How does it help?

Faster conversions. More sales. Happy customers.

The Bulk Order app allows you to optimise conversions with a variants bulk add-to-cart feature. A variants list is displayed on the product page, helping customers buy variants easily.

Why choose the Bulk Order app?

  1. Speedy Installation : It can be installed and configured in a few clicks by anyone.
  2. Free Support: Installation and minor changes can be done free of cost by us.
  3. Display Variants List: A variants list will be displayed on the product page if the product contains multiple variants.
  4. Faster Conversions: Saves customers' time by allowing them to place bulk orders quickly.
  5. Mobile-Friendly: The mobile-friendly app inspires and influences your customers to place a bulk order for multiple items even from their cellphones.
  6. Saves Time: Display a list of multi-variants of the products on the same page, so your customers don't have to go looking for them.

Feature Highlights

  • Easily enable or disable the app.
  • Change the section title of variant listings that appear in the product form.
  • Enable or disable the products: Image / Price / Quantity Box / Stock
  • Customise the placement of the app/variant listing.
  • Customise the colour of the product title and quantity box. Adjust the font size of the product title.

A wholesale order is on its way! Hit the 'Get Support' button to talk to us! We are always happy to hear from you.

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  • Variants listing with a qty box
  • Min & Max qty limit
  • Show variant image, inventory, and price
  • Apply to specific products or all products



  • Free for Test stores & Trial Plan Stores
  • Includes all features of Basic Plan

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5.0 af 5 stjerner

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Working for some time with this app, and lately we update to new Theme, their customer service helped us in 1 single day, they are fantastic!

Baby Hustle

awesome service, I'll be interested to see what other products you support.
thank you for your help, great response , great service,
cant fault anything!

Buffalo Bills B2B

We use this app to show quantity levels for our products on our store to our customers. There is a limitation where if you only have one variation it does not show quantity levels. I reached out to the team and they updated the coding on my store so that any products not showing inventory through their app would now show for us. This was a huge help for me and the support given was excellent!