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Bulk Rename App

Bulk Rename App

Developed by TH Johnson Company Software

8 reviews
Price: $20.00 More info
  • Run a search and replace on all your products and variants
  • Look at all your product information on one page
  • Edit your products and variants in a table view

Use the "Bulk Rename App" to quickly rename many product or product variant titles. The app will show your product and product variant titles and prices in an editable table and provide you with a search and replace tool.

Note search and replace in product descriptions is not possible with this app.

Note There is no way to refund this app unless you call Shopify. If what you need is not listed below, make sure to contact BEFORE purchasing. In any case, the app is a lifetime purchase and may always be useful at a later time.

Note Using a bulk rename application requires some creativity any technical competence. You must think what you are searching, what you are replacing, and preview your changes considering possible mistakes. If you cannot do this, do not purchase the app, but rather contact for a personal quote for your needs. Reasonable support requests are answered and small features are *sometimes* added for free. Again, Shopify does not offer refunds because the buyer did not read the App description.

Supported operations:

  • Search/Replace product titles

  • Search/Replace product variant titles

  • Search variants by title and update price

  • Edit ALL products and variants in table view

  • Edit shipping weight (in grams or lbs) and SKU

  • Delete products/variants by search or checkbox

  • Edit inventory

  • Edit URL handles (/products/your-custom-product-name)

Right now, that's all it does. It will save you 2 hours of tedious work if you need to edit 100 products. If you have other needs - contact us at support@wholesalecontentdelivery.com.

Upon request we can add features like:

  • Capitalize the titles of every product

  • Normalize the capitalization of products/variants

  • Edit shipping weight (added), SKU (added), Barcode, Inventory, Description (HTML), Type, Vendor, Images, Collections, Tags, Search Engines, URL, visibility, etc

  • (your custom search and replace operation here)

If features are added for other users, you will receive them also at no charge.

Bulk Rename App reviews

8 reviews
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Fantastic app that has saved us days of work on slightlydisturbed.co.uk. We batch edited nearly 5000 variants, making multiple changes, in minutes. The response to a question from support (Elijah) was really quick as well. Highly recommended.


TH Johnson Company Software's "bulk rename" Shopify app is something every Shopify store with 100+ products will easily find to be invaluable to their business. Instead of spending all night editing spreadsheets and writing macros, I'm enjoying a brew and watching their app take care of a task I long dreaded doing. Thank you for making this.


App did exactly what I needed, and saved me a bunch of time!


Great app. Just what we needed to change the names of hundreds of variants that would have taken 4-5 hours. Worked simply and easily. Thank you.
And BTW, a previous comment says that it doesn't change the name of options - but it does (perhaps its a newer feature). I change the names of my options and the names of all of the variants as well as prices of variants.


BEWARE You wont be able to change OPTIONS NAMES with this app.


Elijah Johnson is a genius! This is an imperfect app that works perfectly. If you want to do something, but don't see it available in the app, Elijah will build it for you in about 30 minutes. I'm using the app everyday and it's just wonderful. At 20$ one-time purchase this is a NO BRAINER!


This is one of the best Shopify Apps out there!!!! It saved us weeks of work. "Bulk Rename" is the way to change/remove words from the product/variant titles, modify variants in bulk with a single click. They answer questions in the matter of minutes and accommodate requests promptly. Couldn't be happier!


Simple design, but works well. Updated pricing on my variants. Intuitive and very helpful! A+!



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