My Order Rate

My Order Rate

開發者:Bumblebee Soft

Make and manage your own rate restrict by postal code or more


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Benefits of installing the app

  1. My Order Rate is developed to help you create order rates with special conditions such as limit by postal code and many more.
  2. You can create your own shipping and delivery rate with specific conditions such as based on postal code, country and combine those conditions to create the rate you want.
  3. The App will help you solve the difficult problems of creating a shipping delivery rate with different conditions in the way you want and manage that rate easily and efficiently.

Main features

  1. Calculate rates based on destination country.
  2. Calculate rates based on postal codes.
  3. Calculate rates based on product tags.
  4. Calculate rates based on products in order (need to sync your product with the app)
  5. Calculate rates based on order price.
  6. Calculate rates based on order weight..

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